Ultimate Kidnapped Quiz...how well do you know Kidnapped??

Kidnapped is a serialized drama in which the son of a wealthy New York family is kidnapped, and everyone is a suspect..Come here and test your knowledge of Kidnapped.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Kidnapped, are you obsessed with the show? If so then this quiz is perfect for you!! Come test your knowledge of Kidnapped here!!

Created by: Kara McMurray
  1. What was the date that Leopold Cain was Kidnapped?
  2. What is the name of the sniper that shot Virgil?
  3. In what episode did the doctor make a house call to Leo?
  4. In what episode was Devere arrested?
  5. What was the title of episode 10?
  6. What was the name of Conrad Cain's mistress?
  7. Who does agent Atkins work for?
  8. What day did the pilot episode first air?
  9. What three accounts does the accountant close in episode 1?
  10. Who said "If someone calls saying they found Ben Ladin, tell them to call back tomorrow...?"
  11. What was the name of the boy in the hospital room next to Leo's?
  12. How old is Leopold Cain?
  13. How old is Aubrey Cain?
  14. What is the username of the person Alice is talking to?
  15. What meal did the Cain's sit down to in honor of Leo?
  16. What was the date of Leo's heart surgery?
  17. In which episode did Leo say "No sense making beds in a burning house..?"
  18. Which episode did not have Leo in it at all?
  19. Who said "Rain is the great equalizer..?"
  20. What is Knapp's first name?
  21. What did Leo say to the man wearing the mask in the basement?
  22. What did Leo call the man from his drawings?
  23. Who killed Bellows?
  24. How much was the reward in the kidnapping?
  25. How much money did Bellows tell Otto he was getting?
  26. What was sent in the package to Alice in episode 2?
  27. In episode one, what did Conrad say to Ellie when Ellie said "The lady from the times is here...breakfast with the Cains"?
  28. Who gives Ellie the note that says "Don't call the Police?"
  29. Where was Virgil left to die in episode 1?
  30. Where did Knapp grow up?
  31. What kind of cancer was Devere diagnosed with?
  32. What was Gutman's first name?
  33. What was in Gutman's box that Knapp found?
  34. How did Leo escape Bellows after running through the forest?
  35. What was the name the Andy Archer used while dating Claire Phillips?
  36. Why was Archer involved in the kidnapping?
  37. How much money was stolen from the Ramone drug bust?
  38. In which episode was Leo allowed to call his family?
  39. Who said "That's a factor the kidnappers probably didn't factor in; him (referring to Leo) being smart..?"
  40. Who said "Our little Archer inspired me so much. So much so that I'm gonna come out of retirement, get back in the game. Wanna play??"

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Quiz topic: Ultimate Kidnapped Quiz...how well do I know Kidnapped??