Kidnapped episode 2 quiz

Do you think you know it all about Kidnapped? Do you know you know it all about Kidnapped? Are you positive you know it all about Kidnapped?? You don't need to know it all here...but you need to know all about episode two to do well!!

Good luck on this quiz!! It is based off of episode 2 of Kidnapped "Special Delivery." Good luck and have fun!! Join up on the Kidnapped message boards if you haven't already by going to!!

Created by: Kara McMurray

  1. Who is spying on Knapp in this episode?
  2. What is the name of the bodyguard that Knapp hired for Alice?
  3. Where did Conrad tell Alice Leo was?
  4. Where is the FBI set up?
  5. What was Alice going to take to show and tell?
  6. Who did Conrad call when he was in the bathroom?
  7. Who was the package addressed to in this episode?
  8. What was in the package?
  9. What did Alice think was in the package?
  10. Who opened the package?
  11. What is Leo using to try to escape?
  12. How does Leo refer to Bellows when he asks Otto what his name is?
  13. How did Knapp know that the ear in the package wasn't Leo's?
  14. Who did Aubrey meet at the bar?
  15. True or False: the guy Aubrey met kidnapped her?
  16. What was the title of this episode?
  17. Who said "He did in the night. That's a hell of a thing to say; he died in the night."
  18. When Aubrey was at breakfast with her kidnapper, what did she eat?
  19. Who told the Cain's about Dianne's death?
  20. When did Aubrey find out that she had been kidnapped?
  21. What was Knapp's joke in the bar in Sunnyside?
  22. What did Cantrell have that identified him as a gang member?
  23. Who killed Cantrell?
  24. What did King tell Cantrell?
  25. What happened to Leo when he escaped?
  26. Who re-captured Leo?
  27. True or False: Bellows told Leo that he was in Mexico?
  28. What did Alice say to Ellie when she put her to bed?
  29. True or False: Aubrey smokes?
  30. What story did Conrad tell Aubrey on the roof?
  31. What did Aubrey tell her dad about Leo?
  32. What did King tell Atkins after he shot Cantrell?
  33. How old is Aubrey?
  34. Who saved Kings life so many years ago?
  35. How long had this person been working with the FBI?
  36. True or False: This was the episode when Alice told everyone that she knew that Leo had been kidnapped?
  37. True or False: There was foreshadowing in this episode?
  38. Who paid for the drinks that Knapp, King and Atkins had?
  39. Who did the ear belong to?

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