A Quiz about the millionaire Cains

You watch Kidnapped and you join in the chat about it, but do you really know everything there is to know about Kidnapped. Thi quiz is about the Cain's, who are the family in Kidnapped...won't tell anymore so you can test your knowledge about the Cains!!

Do you know who Conrad Cain is, what about Ellie Cain? Can you name all of their children? If so, then this quiz is definitely for you!! Come see what you really know about the Cains!!

Created by: Kara McMurray

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  1. What is Mr. Cain's first name?
  2. What is the name of Mr Cain's company?
  3. Which Cain family member was kidnapped?
  4. What charge did Roger Prince get Mr Cain off of when he was younger?
  5. How old is Aubrey Cain?
  6. Who is Leo's godfather?
  7. What is Ellie's daddy's name?
  8. What school does Aubrey go to?
  9. What does Alice say to Virgil when he first arrives at the Cain's house in the pilot episode?
  10. Who was with Leo when he was first kidnapped?
  11. Who told Leo he was coming for him?
  12. How old is Alice Cain?
  13. Who kidnapped Aubrey?
  14. Who is Conrad Cain's mistress?
  15. Who bought the heart that was intented for Archer's son?
  16. What does Ellie's father call her?
  17. What day was Leo kidnapped?
  18. What day was Leo finally brought home?
  19. Who was it in the Cain family that died that made Aubrey feel the need to undress under her covers?
  20. What does Alice do in an attempt to make his homecoming better?
  21. What was the username of the person that Alice was communicating with?
  22. How old was Ellie's brother when he was kidnapped?
  23. What is Ellie's secret password to her bank accounts?
  24. After which child was born, did Maria become the Cain's maid?
  25. Leo is the scion of the Cain family.
  26. Conrad has a kidnapping and ransom insurance policy on all of his children.
  27. Where was Conrad from?
  28. Aubrey has a friend named Jackie.
  29. How old was Leo when he had his heart transplant?
  30. How did Leo find out that he was in Mexico?
  31. Who played Ellie Cain?
  32. Who played Conrad Cain?
  33. Who played Aubrey Cain?
  34. Who played an amazing role as Leopold Cain?

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