SLUmDoG MillioNairE

Slumdog Millionaire... is a story about this un-educated person being able to win a great amount of money just to see to this other person close to him..Did you really think that I would give away some answers in this First Paragraph..Well, Not a chance... an introduction..You're going to get a quiz about the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" which has won some of Oscar's Best awards... This quiz requires that you must see the movie before you take this quiz..If can also guess the answers all you want..

Created by: Misty101

  1. Who is the main character in the movie?
  2. Was the answer given to him by the Host (secretly given) correct?
  3. How did he get to the World Famous Taj Mahal?
  4. How much did he win?
  5. How many questions did he NOT know the answers?
  6. What was the first name of Mumbay?
  7. What was the REAL name of the Leading lady according to the movie..
  8. What was the name of the show he was into?
  9. What year was it when he was interrogated by the police?
  10. What was the most significant story in the movie?

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