how smart are you??

are you the sharpest needle in the group? or are you the one that laughs at the joke that someone told you a day late? we can't have it all. are you the weakest link? do you want to be a millionaire? and do you think you have what it takes to be smarter than the rest?

you can take this quiz to see if you are the one that laughs as soon as the joke is told. if you aren't, then, oh well. we can't all be the smartest one of them all.

Created by: mel

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  1. pick one
  2. a man built a house. all four walls had southerly aspects. a bear comes along. what colour is the bear?
  3. when somebody robs a bank that you happen to be in at the time, you are the one. . .
  4. when you see a suspicious looking man in a suspicious looking car driving down a suspicious looking road past a suspicious looking tree, you. . .
  5. what colour is a purple finch?
  6. which of these foods/drinks are good for your brain?
  7. how many times a day is a broken clock telling the right time?
  8. what saying does this stand for? hands hands hands deck
  9. what about this one? rasingingin
  10. last question :-% do you like chocolate

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Quiz topic: How smart am I??