What type of Britney Spears are you?

There are 3 different types of Britney Spears. you're gonna have to take the quiz to find out which one you are. Britney has been through a lot in her life and she is a good person; it's just not everybody is perfect. I don't think she's crazy, I think Britney is confused and she need to move or something o get outta the spotlight for a while.

Which Britney do you think you are? Britney is actually a very complex person. She's a multi-millionaire woman, but she's on a rollercoaster and she's just going, and going, and going! It's never ending and never stopping.

Created by: tennischick20007
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  1. What would be your favorite color out of these 5 colors?
  2. What hair style would have if you were Britney?
  3. What would you be wearing to Club Pure on a Friday night?
  4. What would you name your next son if you were Britney?
  5. Who would be your best friend?
  6. What car would you drive if you were Britney?
  7. What country/city would you move to to get away from all the media?
  8. If you could take back one thing in your life if you were Britney, what would it be?
  9. Why would you shave your head bald?
  10. Which person do you think would be a perfect match for Britney in love?

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Quiz topic: What type of Britney Spears am I?