Are You A Die-Hard Britney Spears Fan?

Are you a Die-Hard Britney fan? Do you have the knowledge of Ms. Spears to be one of her ultimate fans? Lets find out in just 10 questions! It only takes a few minutes, just answer the questions correctly and we'll make you a ~die hard~ Britney Spears fan!

There are millions and millions of Britney Spears fans, but only a few people can be hardcore, die-hard Britney Spears fans because of their ultimate knowledge of the popstar. Are you one of them?

Created by: EmilyLovesBritney
  1. Where Was Britney Spears Born?
  2. How Old Was She When She First Auditioned For The Mickey Mouse Channel?
  3. Who directed the video for 'Baby One More Time'?
  4. What Celeb shows up in the video for "Crazy"?
  5. How is the second episode of the show How I Met Your Mother called?
  6. What's Lucy's last name in her film 'Crossroads'?
  7. Where did the Dream Within A Dream kick-off?
  8. Who was the opening act in Europe for the Onyx Hotel Tour?
  9. Where did the song 'Someday, I Will Understand' premier?
  10. Where did she announce the circus tour?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Die-Hard Britney Spears Fan?