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Lots of people are bad-mouthing Britney and calling her a loser and other bad names. This isn't entirely her fault as you will find out on the very last question. She is a gorgeous girl who has done great with her record contract!

Do you think you know Britney more then she knows herself? Well here is the place where you can find all that out. Taking this quiz will also I hope also fill you will information you didn't know about Brit!

Created by: Britney
  1. What is Britney's middle name?
  2. What song did Britney sing in the year 2004 when Justin Timberlake left her?
  3. How did Britney meet Kevin Ferderline?
  4. How many children does Britney Spears have?
  5. What Disney Channel TV Series did Britney appear in at the age of 11?
  6. Who also appeared along side Britney in the Mickey Mouse Club?
  7. What was Britney's second ever single?
  8. When is Britney's birthday?
  9. Where was Britney born?
  10. What was the 2002 movie called that Britney stared in?
  11. What was Britney's mums job?
  12. What all female pop group did Britney join?
  13. Which song did Britney perform and had a edit with STOP remix
  14. In which song did Britney star in her video as a movie star?
  15. What has caused Britney's breakdown?

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