The Immortal Powers 3 (Rise Of A Lost Nation)

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So, this is part 3 of the quiz series, I hope you like it! Thanks to everyone who is following the series, I really appreciate it! And special thanks to the following people who commented on the previous episode, Kunama, Birdsong234, internethog1000, nonchantoly, _celloplayer_, _ViolaLover_, Alex13writer. Thanks alot!

Like in episode 1 and 2, if you are the First 3 people to comment, you can share and ideas you would like to see in the quiz from powers, characters, mythical creatures and anything else you fancy. I will mention they are your ideas, ofcourse Thats just the beginning, The top 8 people to comment will recieve a shout out in the next episode, just like what I did in this episode. So, please comment! I hope you like the quiz series!

Created by: Kish
  1. So, I personally thank the people who have been taking this quiz series and sharing their ideas with me. Thanks! And thanks to the following people who commented on the previous episode
  2. Previously on the Immortal Powers- You meet another 3 of the "loyal members" in IPA. There is Ashley Evans (Ash) with the power of teleportation and to turn invisible. Then you met Cassie, an adorable, flying, talking pony. And lastly you meet Vanessa Haas (Haas) with the power of changing into anything she touched. Later that day, the IPA was attacked by the Spider Riders, and it was up to the available people to protect the mansion. You manage to repel the attack, but it was painfully obvious, this was the beginning of a new war
  3. The world does not know of this constant battle between the Spider Riders and the Super Powers (the people with immortal powers, thats what they call themselves, Super Powers) and between the Super Powers and Power Stalkers. Somehow, the Super Powers, Spider Riders and Power Stalkers managed to hide themselves from the normal people. But the battles were increasing, the number of Super Powers, Spider Riders and Power Stalker members all keep rising. One day. One unlucky day, the world will know of all this, and that is the day the World Will Be At War
  4. You sit back in your room, which you were given by Saraphina. So far you had no clue, whatsoever, about who you were. And now you were thrown into this so called war which keeps getting worse everytime. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. You get up and answer the door. It was Haas. "Emergency" she said. "Get down stairs, now". You nod. Great, you think. You don't even have time to rest now, whats going on now, you wonder as you went downstairs
  5. Downstairs, all the Super Powers were gathered in a huge room. Saraphina, Ash and Haas stood on a stage up front. "The situation is getting critical" said Saraphina. "I have just recieved word that the Spider Riders and Power Stalkers have joined their forces, they number close to 500". There were uncomfortable movements as people whispered to each other about what Saraphina said. You move towards Racheal. "Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" you ask. Racheal replies, "I bet its bad, since with joined forces they are twice as powerful and we are greatly outnumbered". She was right, the Super Powers were only 26 and yet their enemies were now close to 500
  6. Saraphina continued, "I have called Ax" she said, "He is on his way here to help us try and figure out what to do". Ax was the founder of the IPA, he was roughly at the age of 30. He too, had a power. He could make you forget anything, strange power. "What we should do for now" said Saraphina, "Is to try and capture one of those huge spiders. We need to know the weakness of these things, or why they are the way they are, or peharps make them one of us". An excited sound rose around the room. "This is not an easy task" said Saraphina "The Spider Riders won't let go of their spiders quite easily. To find the Spider Riders we have to scout the forest, and we all know what the dangers are within the forest. We will not risk the whole group going, so a few of you will be selected for this, eh, mission"
  7. Saraphina continues, "We have already chosen the ones capable of carrying out the mission, me, Ash and Haas are already in, ofcourse. The people who are coming on the mission with us are..." an eerie silence falls around the room. You didn't know if you wanted to go or not, perharps this was the chance to find out who you were... "The people are" continues Saraphina, "Racheal, Alex Guest (curly brown hair, light blue eyes and his powers are flying and telekinesis) and lastly ***(you)". There were sounds of relief and annoyance. Whether you liked it or not, you were in
  8. "The people I called out" said Saraphina "should prepare to leave immediatly. Zack is incharge while we are gone, Ax will be here soon". You leave the room and climb the stairs back to your room. You grab a bag and fill it up with necessary supplies such as food and water. Within a few minutes you were all ready to move. No one spoke as you slowly walked to the forest, escorted by Hunter and Zack. Then the time came, Hunter and Zack turned back and headed for the mansion. Now the mission begins
  9. The first few hours were simple, no obstacles or sudden attacks. You chatted with everyone there (There were 6 of you). Then you reach the river. It had rained the previous night, so the river was flooded. The bridge over it was broken. It was more like a dead end. "What should we do?" you ask. "Swim" replied Saraphina. You couldn't believe what she was saying. The river was deep and the currents were strong. It was impossible to swim here, besides you didn't know what was lurking inside the water. Then you hear a tremendous roar. The ground shook and your heart skipped a beat
  10. Out of the sky, coming down towards you was a huge red dragon. Its eyes gleamed with hatred and possibly hunger. Its huge wings were so wide spread it covered the sun making it look like night. And when it was low enough, it breathed fire, hot fire. You dived out of reach of the fire but you still felt its scorching heat. Saraphina shouted at you, "Only you can stand up to this thing!". You get up, thinking of the power to use, water ofcourse. You begin to feel the water energy flowing within you. You cup your hands and form a waterball, the moment the dragon swooped low enough, you would aim the waterball at its head. This was exactly what happened. The dragon let out a huge roar and lunged towards you. You carefully timed it, and when you felt the time was right, you let out most of your water energy. The dragon fell to the ground, but the fight wasn't over yet...
  11. You made a small waterball again. Before you knew what was happening, the dragon got up and breathed fire again. This time you were too late to dive out of the way. The fire covered your body. Expecting pain, you drop to the ground, eyes tightly shut. But nothing happened. There was no pain. You open your eyes. You seemed to be in a huge water bubble, the fire couldn't penetrate this mysterious ball of water around you. But you were puzzled. What happened? Who made the water bubble? There was only one possible answer. You had more powers than you had ever imagined. You still needed to master your powers and unlock the powers that were still hidden within you. But how did you do this? You couldn't tell...
  12. Then, as fast as it appeared, the water bubble disappeared. The dragon, looking suprised, lunged at you, jaws wide open. You dive out of the way. You prepared the lightning energy within you to electricute the dragon. Then you got a sharp pain in the head and you felt dizzy. Not again, you had used up all your energy. You run behind a tree. Now what. The dragon was right infront of you, preparing another attack. Then, suddenly, a group of arrows flew out of no where and hit the dragon in the wing. The dragon let out a cry of pain. Then you saw ropes being tied on to the dragon's mouth. You look at the figures. It was none of the Super Powers. Who were they?
  13. Saraphina smiled. "Meet my old friends" she said. "They are Elves, the last of their kind. For generations they have been increasing their numbers. They are prepared to fight on our side. They are the Lost Nation". You watch as the dragon is firmly tied with ropes. A man walks towards you and Saraphina. He obviously seemed to be the one in charge. He had black hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin. He smiles, "I'm Kish" he said. (sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation of me being in the story). "I'm the leader of the Elves". "Its good to see you again, Kish" said Saraphina. Kish nods. "I heard about your battles. The Spider Riders and Power Stalkers are giving you a tough time, eh?". Saraphina laughs, "You are well informed. I appreciate your help". "Anytime" said Kish. He looks at the dragon. "What you going to do with her?" he asks. Saraphina smiles, "I have a special plan for her" she said. But before anything else could happen, chaos broke out. The Spider Riders had found you!
  14. And so this is the end of part 3. A new friendship has been formed, the Elves are on your side. But the Elves have no powers. However, they are skilled at using primitive weapons such as bows and arrows and swords and shields. They are master minds at creating traps and ambushes. Are you strong enough to face the Spider Riders and Power Stalkers? Find out in the next episode, The Immortal Powers 4 (Secrets Are Revealed).
  15. And ofcourse, now I mention the characters and who created them from the start of these series although I didn't mention some of these characters in this episode, they will definately come in the next episode...

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