The Immortal Powers 1 (Who Am I?)

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like when you had powers? What would you do with them? What would happen to you and the ones you love? Join this exciting new series as you try to figure out what has happened to you and what might happen to you as you try and fight of whoever or whatever comes at you. Please read paragrah 2!

I have a special treat for you, (or atleast I tried). If you are the first 3 people to comment, you can tell me of any powers, characters, creatures absolutely anything and I will definately put them in the series, and I will mention it was your idea ofcourse. And the first 5 people to comment will recieve a shout out in the next episode. You up for it? Please comment!

Created by: Kish

  1. Who am I? You wonder... You look around. You seem to be in a jungle. It seemed to be night time. What the hell were you doing here? You were meant to be at home. Wait... Where was your home? Who were you? Why were you here? So many questions, but no answers. You remember one thing though. You look up. There was an eclipse! A lunar eclipse. So it wasn't a dream afterall. You look at your hands and point them at a bush. Almost immediatly, a fireball come out of your hands and burnt the bush to ash. It was the eclipse! The eclipse had given you powers!
  2. But in the "dream" the fireball wasn't the only power you had. You point at a tree. A lightning bolt spilt out of your palms and struck the tree. It burst into flames. You join your palms together, and point at the burning tree. A waterball shot out of your hand and diminished the flames. You had to admit, it felt wonderful! Finally, the last part, you swerve your arm like a wand and a small unharmful tonardo formed. It died away as you lost concentration. Fire, lightning, water and wind. You could control all of these. What more could you want? "Finally!" you hear a voice behind you. "Finally we know what you can do!"
  3. You turn around, preparing the fire within you to defend you at all costs. There was a rustle of leaves as someone stepped out behind the huge tree. He was dressed in black, all blacks, and he wore a mask, a black mask. "Who are you?" you ask. You hear a short wierd laugh as the man stood a few feet away from you. The fire within you boiled. If he made a sudden move, you would let out the fire and burn him to death. "I'm what people call Power Stalker" he said. "What?" you ask. He lets out an evil smile. "You will know soon enough" and he runs towards you. Without hesitation, you point your hand at him. You feel drained as you watch a huge deadly fireball leave your hand and go towards the man...
  4. To your amazement, the man pointed at the fireball and shouted a nonsense word, "Exprestos". A ball of water shot out of his hand and hit the fireball, which made the fireball disappear instantly. You looked at the man in aww, wide eyed. "Wizards aren't easy to defeat" he said. You pointed at him and tried to summon the lightning bolt. Suddenly, your head ached and you felt dizzy. You fell to the ground."Looks like you have used up all your energy" said the man. He came towards you and grabbed your arm. "You coming with" he said. You couldn't resist. Suddenly the man's arm twisted. He winced in pain and let go of your arm...
  5. "I knew you would be here, Hunter" growled the man. He looks at you, "I will get you next time" he said. He turned around and ran into the dense trees and he was gone. You feel a arm around your shoulder. Suddenly, you see a boy about seventeen years of age right next to you, helping you up. You could have sworn he wasn't there a few seconds ago. "Wh- Wh- Who are you?" you ask, stammering alittle from lack of strength. "That doesn't matter right now" replied the boy. "We got to get you to IPA right away". "What?" you ask, as the boy helped you walk. "IPA- Immortal Power Academy. You not from here, are you?" You sigh. "Right now I don't know where I'm from" you reply. There is a silence for a while. "Anyway" said the boy, "I'm Hunter. Hunter Steel but you can call me Hunter"
  6. "I'm ***" you reply telling your name. "So you going to explain to me what just happened?" you ask. "Well" replied Hunter, "For starters, I too have an ability. I can go invisible. Now you see me, now you don't" and truly you couldn't see him though you could hear his footsteps next to you. He reappeared. "And who was that man?" you ask. "Oh, him?" Hunter replies. "He is what people call Power Stalker. He along with a few others hunt down people with abilities like us. We don't know why. IPA, hopefully you remember what that is, is a school that teaches people with abilities to defend themselves. Speaking of IPA, here we are". You see a huge mansion with huge walls around it and security cameras. With the help of Hunter, you slowly walk to the door. "No one is here today, besides the staff. Its Sunday, free day" said Hunter. You enter the mansion...
  7. The mansion was huge, really huge. You see two people waiting for you, a man in his 20's and a woman probably 18-19 years old. "Let me introduce you to Zack" said Hunter pointing at the man. "and that is Saraphina". "Welcome" said Zack and Saraphina. "So I'm guessing you two have powers as well?" you ask in a matter-of-fact tone. "Everyone who comes here has a power" said Saraphina. "Zack can see the future, though he can't control the power" Zack nods. "And" continued Saraphina "I can control animals. I love nature, specially its animals"
  8. "Do you know what happened to me?" you ask. "How I got these powers or why I can't remember anything from my past". Zack shrugged. "The eclipse gave you these powers. I don't know how, its still a mystery. I don't know why you can't remember anything either, though I suspect the Power Stalkers had something to do with it". "You can stay here" said Saraphina. "Hunter will introduce you to the others and you can learn to master your powers. Zack fortold you coming here, which is why we sent Hunter to search the forest. Stay with us and help us try and stop the Power Stalkes so that we can live in peace and have our freedom once again. We can even help you figure out who you really are. You staying?"
  9. And thus, that marks the end of part 1. Who are you, really? Will you ever find out who you truly are? Take part 2, The Immortal Powers 2 (The Spider Riders) and join in another exciting episode as you try and figure out who you are and learn new things...
  10. Remember, if you the first 3 people to comment you can tell me the powers you would like to see in the story or the character you would like to see or any other idea you think of and I will definately put your ideas in part 2 and I will mention its your idea ofcourse. The first 5 people to comment will recieve a shout out in the next episode. So, please comment...
  11. Thanks for taking the quiz :)

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