The Immortal Powers 2 (Attack Of The Spider Riders)

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So this is part 3 of the series. Thanks to everyone for taking my series! Thanks to the following people who commented on the previous episode, Kunama, Birdsong234, internethog1000, nonchalontly, _celloplayer_, _ViolaLover_, Alex13writer. Thanks alot!

Like in episode 1 and 2, if you are the First 3 people to comment, you can share and ideas you would like to see in the quiz from powers, characters, mythical creatures and anything else you fancy. I will mention they are your ideas, ofcourse Thats just the beginning, The top 8 people to comment will recieve a shout out in the next episode, just like what I did in this episode. So, please comment! I hope you like the quiz series!

Created by: Kish
  1. Thanks to you if you took part 1. Special thanks to the following people who commented on my previous episode and some shared their ideas which you will know of at the end of this episode
  2. Previously on Immortal Powers- You find yourself in a strange jungle. You couldn't remember who you were, what you were doing here, infact, you couldn't remember any part of your life. One thing you do remember is that the previous lunar eclipse gave you powers, the ability to control Fire, Water, Wind and Lightning. You tried to stand up to your first enemy, the Power Stalker, but you were completely new to your powers and so you hardly knew how to use them. You were defenceless against the Power Stalker. Luckily Hunter, with the ability to be invisible, saved you. He took you to IPA, (Immortal Powers Acadamy, a school for special people like you) and you met Zack who could see the future and Saraphina who could control animals. Will you find out who you really are in this episode?
  3. "Come" said Saraphina. "Let me introduce you to some of our loyal members". You follow Saraphina as she led you into the garden behind the mansion. The garden looked amazing! It was decorated by mostly red and white roses. A huge tree stood in the middle of the garden. "First" said Saraphina, "I would like you to meet Ashley Evans". At first there was no one around. Then, out of no where, a boy appeared infront of you, right before your eyes. He had pitch black hair, light skin and grey eyes. "That is Ashley Evans" said Saraphina. The boy smiles at you, "You can call me Ash" he said. "How did you..?" you ask. "Oh, that?" said Ash as he realised what you meant. "I can teleport myself. I can go wherever I want just by thinking of the place. And I can even become invisible. Pretty cool, don't you think?"
  4. You nod, "Yeah, thats cool". "And our next most adorable member is..." said Saraphina. She looks up. You look up as well, not knowing what you were looking for. Then you heard it. The flapping of wings behind you, huge wings, as something swooped out of the sky and landed a few feet behind you. You turn around. You couldn't believe your eyes. A beautiful chestnut and white shetland pony stood infront of you. It stared at you with its huge adorable violet eyes. "Thats Cassie" said Saraphina. "Greetings" said the pony. It could talk! You couldn't reply, you were shocked from all this. What amazed you were the huge white wings Cassie had. They looked so beautiful, so heavenly white like she had come from the heavens herself. Yeah, you agreed, she was so adorable
  5. "And our last loyal member is..." said Saraphina looking at the huge tree. You look at the tree. This time you braced yourself for anything. At first nothing happened. Then the tree began to shrink! It grew smaller and smaller. In a few minutes there was no huge tree, instead there stood a girl with red pixie like hair. She had wonderful blue eyes. "That is Vanessa Haas" said Saraphina. The girl nods, "You can call me Haas" she said, "Before you ask, I'm a shape shifter. I can change into anything I touch. Welcome to IPA". You were about to respond when Cassie interupted. "We got problems" she said, "When I was flying up there I saw the Spider Riders. They are moving in a position to attack!"
  6. "Damn it Cassie" said Ash, "couldn't you have said this earlier?" Saraphina looked at Ash, "go and get the other students, tell them its an emergency!" she said. Ash nodded and disappeared. "Cassie, go and get Hunter and Zack!" Saraphina said. Cassie flew towards the mansion. "you two, follow me!". You and Haas followed Saraphina as she led you near a forest. "The Spider Riders will definately come from here" she said. "What are the Spider Riders?" you ask. Haas replies, "The Spider Riders are evil scientists who experiamented with the innocent spiders. They mutilated the poor creatures and the spiders grew huge, the size of a truck. Even worse, the spiders were controled by the scientists. They rode on them which explains their name, Spider Riders. Their spiders are really dangerous, you better watch yourself"
  7. Spider Riders? These were your next enemies. After your experiance with the Power Stalkers, you didn't know if you could face these guys or not. Suddenly, from behind you, you hear the sound of huge animals coming. Within minutes you see them. 5 elephants, 4 lions, and 6 rhinos, 15 animals altogether. You realize it was Saraphina controling them. Then you heard the shouts from within the forest. The trees swayed as something huge passed them. Then they attacked, those Spider Riders. All hell broke loose...
  8. The Spider Riders attacked, coming out of the forest just as Saraphina had said they would. You couldn't tell how many they were, probably between 5-8. The animals charged, and you realised that Hunter and Zack were here each carrying a sword and riding on Cassie. Haas had changed into an elephant and it was difficult to tell her apart from the real animals. Suddenly, a huge yellow spider jumped infront of you. This is it, you gather alittle of your fire energy and create a fireball in your palm. You throw it at the spider. The spider turned around as fast as lightning and spun a web at the fireball. The fireball disappeared. Not again. Which power to use now.
  9. You decide to use the tonardo power. You concentrate on a tonardo forming just above the spider. Suddenly, dark grey clouds formed above and sure enough you had your own tonardo. The yellow spider was caught in the tonardo and sucked in. You did it! You had defeated your first enemy. Then you began to lose concentration and the tonardo and grey clouds disappeared. The fights around you were not doing so well. Most of the animals were either dead, wounded or had fled. Suddenly, 6 more Spider Riders came out of the forest. You were outnumbered! You already felt weak from using your powers, what was going to happen to you now?
  10. Suddenly, everything went black. There were sounds of annoyance and confusion from the Spider Riders. "Lets get out of here" you heard a Spider Rider say, "We will get them next time". There were sounds of agreement and within a few minutes, it seemed the Spider Riders had left. There was light once again, and you noticed that Ash had returned with the other students. "What just happened?" you asked. Hunter replies "Thats Racheal's power". Hearing her name, a blonde haired girl with hazel eyes nodded at you. Hunter continues, "Her power is to turn everything pitch black like what just happened. That gives us the chance to retreat. Only she can see in the dark. Pretty cool power, if you ask me"
  11. "Yeah, cool" you reply. You watch as the students helped to clear things up. Besides the animals, no one was hurt, atleast not this time. Hunter looks at you, "I hope you can take all this" he said, "this is just the beginning. It gets a whole lot worse" End Of Part 2
  12. So here ends Part 2, I hope you liked it. Do you have any special power, creature, character you would like to see in the series? Read paragraph 2 for detailed information. Thanks for taking the quiz! Look out for part 3
  13. At the start of the series, I mentioned a few people. Now here are the ideas shared by readers just like you. If you want to share an idea as well, read paragraph 2 for detailed information. Characters and powers staring...

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