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  • You're quiz is awesome!I've had this idea for a future quiz that i might make,but I think it would be more awesome in your quiz.His name is Alex Guest,he has curly brown hair,and light blue eyes.He also has a faint dimple on his chin.His powers are flying,and telekinesis.He should be an old friend of yours,so you know someone personally.THANK U KISH

  • THANK YOU!!!!! This is awesome, I am so happy you put Cassie in :D Plus i think your idea about the spiders was brilliant. I guess I maybe shouldn't ask for you to put another of my ideas in, so you don't have to use this, but I have pet spiders myself and I think it would be cute if you could maybe rescue a spider or something and have a 'good' spider too. But like I said you don't have to use that :P Sorry this comment is so long, I will just say i love it and please make part 3 soon :)

  • Hey! I know I'm not the first person to comment, but oh well, you can use this idea if you want to xD. I think you need an older person in here, like the headmaster or something. Just a bunch of teenagers doesn't sound to organized to me. Just a thought!

  • I think you should put in a gryphon. Sorry about the spelling. But it should be golden, with red tinged wings, ice blue eyes, and a bad beast. But you take him in and teach him to be good. :)

  • I love it! Still don't have any ideas! Well maybe you could, no... How about,no... There's this, no. I'll think about it and let you know! Can't wait for part 3!

  • that was awsome...can there be a dragon or something?

    its personality should be tempered and agresive and cocky.

    and you could choose the color....but its up to you if you use this idea :)

  • Thanks for the shout out! It was a great story. i think you should write a book. Great job!

  • great quiz/story
    i love how you bring your fans in on it



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