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  • "wow thank you so much Dark22978 I deeply appreciate that the story is a long time ago me and hunter, who I didn't know at the t"
  • "thank you Dark22978, but why do you say car crash? do you remember the incident? also thank you everyone else, I appreci"
  • "is there a way I can search his name or a users name? or keywords? I don't know I haven't been on this site in like 6 years "
  • "once apon a time there was a user named Hunteriscool (or Hunterizcool) that has been on this site a long time ago sadly he pass"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "buy bye.. hope we can do this again sometime ^o^ =*"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "oh okay.. sounds interesting o.o"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "wow.. what is his name? hi swag boss"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "hehe.. sounds like you want me to go and let you sleep?"
    " "
  • hi gtq-ers
    "X3 wow.. well goodluck with that"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "yippy :D could you fall asleep and have someone wake you up if it happened?"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "sounds like a rough night.. hope nothing bad happened"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "I guess school has started cause I saw all that too and on facebook so I assumed but I don't know since I haven't gone to school in 5 years ..."
  • hi gtq-ers
    "xD great advice there *nibbles on icecream*"
  • hi gtq-ers
    "ill try coffee o.O that's alright.. try thinking about cold things"

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