which "dragonfly" character are you (made up story)

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thanks for clicking this.. okay so this is a made up story and is still being worked on..but basicly its a group of circus freaks who have to save the world from really them selves..or each other.. if your intrested im at h mixtape9 @ gmail. com and let me know..

so if you really liked the quiz please let me know and if you REALLY like it or intrested please leave a sujestion or if you like the idea and want to work on it leave a comment or if it doesnt make sence please tell me..im at h mixtape9 @ gmail.com..if you want more info on this

Created by: skatterbrain

  1. okay which sentens is close to what you'd say... life
  2. the world
  3. friends
  4. dreams
  5. dirty words or profanity
  6. blood
  7. war
  8. someone hands you a gun
  9. death
  10. pain (your self)
  11. pain (somebody else's)
  12. love
  13. happy endings

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Quiz topic: Which "dragonfly" character am I (made up story)