my girl friend quiz

i messed up the name of this quiz and cant change it...sorry okay let me first say that this is NOT a real person and is not ment to be hurtfull in anyway..this was just to get you to laugh..i dont have a girlfriend as of oct-30-2011

so there is know one this is based on laughing at real people (unless they want to be laughed at) is not cool..i just want that if it is then go on take the quiz

Created by: skatterbrain

  1. okay let me first say this is Not a real person this is just a quiz to make you laught
  2. ah.. she was as sweet as candy...uh john candy
  3. she reminds me of the "sunmaid raisin" girl...i guess it the raisins?
  4. yeah she has a million doller smile..we're working on the down payment
  5. she has a beautiful body..she keeps it in the car for emergences
  6. she dose have a hair problem.. her eyebrows are fighting for control of her forehead
  7. she has a slight 5-o clock shadow.. we find crop circles in it
  8. i want to go to the highest mounten and screem her name..and screem "why me!!"
  9. i want to take her to the moon... and leave her there
  10. she's the girl you would find on magazine covers under the words "national enquirer"
  11. she's the kinda girl you named paintings after..or hurricanes
  12. i dream about her everyday..between the dreams of monsters or demons
  13. she' as pretty as demi moore..i mean michael moore
  14. she look like drew barrymore and mariah carey in one yeah its drew carey
  15. are song is "pretty woman" cause she looks like roy orbison
  16. i want to show her to everyone.. cause they wont beleve me if i told them
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