Does the boy you like have a girl friend but you like him does he

There are many girls out there that want this 1 special boy but he has a girl friend and the hole time your wondering if he likes you because you like him so much but your jus wondering soo bad if he feels the same !

Are you that kind of girl ?? that wants to know well now you can find out if he likes you even know he has a girl friend !thats why this quiz is great for you if your wonderin if that 1special oy feels the same about you even know he has a gil friend!

Created by: corrine

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  1. does he have a girlfriend ?
  2. do you see this boy at school, work, etc.
  3. does he talk to you ?
  4. does he smile at you ?
  5. when he dident have a girl friend did he say it was possible that he would go out with you 1day ?
  6. does he stare at you when he sees you ??
  7. Do you talk to his friends ?
  8. did you ever hang out with him out of school or work etc.
  9. does he just come out of no were an come talk to you about something soo random ??
  10. LAST QUESTION .. does he flirt with you more then his girlfriend ??

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