Are you girl friend material?

there are many girl freinds out there but there are few good girl freinds out there. if you take this quiz you will find out how good you are so don't wait. I bet your wondering "what is a good girl freind well if you take this you will find out so don't give up.

Are you a good girl friend well if you take this quiz you will find out. time to stop wondering and find out. You could loose your man candy if you don't try it. What are you waiting for try it now

Created by: Audrey

  1. Do you flirt your head off with boys?
  2. do you care what boys think of you?
  3. Would you buy your man a cheap gift or a good gift
  4. do you hug him often?
  5. Do you call him alot
  6. do you talk to boys alot
  7. do you care for him alot
  8. are you a good girl friend
  9. would you let him miss a date for his buds
  10. do you love him

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Quiz topic: Am I girl friend material?