Are you wifey/hubby material

Most of us want to get married someday, but some of us are just not wifey/hubby material. What is wifey/hubby material? Wifey/Hubby material are those qualities that make us good life-long mates.

Are you wifey/hubby material? Do have the qualities necessary for a loving reltionship? Find out now by taking this quick quiz. It is an awesome quiz, so take a few minutes to find out if you have what it takes to be a wifey/hubby!

Created by: nikki

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  1. If your partner went to jail for 3 months, would you wait for them?
  2. If your partner got into a serious accident that distorted their appearance, would you.....
  3. You meet this boy/girl and both of you share common interest and get along really well, what would you be most likely to do?
  4. What characteristic do you value most in another person?
  5. Is marriage an option for you?
  6. You find out that your partner had a one night stand with someone else. What would you do?
  7. When you go shopping, you.......
  8. Did your partner introduce you to his/her family within two months of the relationship?
  9. Your partner had a tough day at work, what would you do to make them feel better
  10. When you meet your partner's friends, do they already know everything about you?

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Quiz topic: Am I wifey/hubby material