Are you a good girl friend?

Are you questioning your relationship? Do you think you're the #1 best girl friend? If you answered YES so either of these questions, then take this quick and easy test to determine if you're the best girl friend you could possibly be!!

Put your relationship skills to the test!! If you want to know if your relationship is going to flunk or soar, take this quick and easy test! You will finally know what you need to do to become a better girlfriend, or if you already are a good one!!

Created by: Gii
  1. How many guys do you hangout with on a daily hangout basis? (other than your boyfriend.)
  2. Do you text your boyfriend more then any other guy?
  3. Do you have a crush on any other guys beside your boy friend?
  4. Have you EVER cheated on one of your previous or even your current boyfriend?
  5. Are you only dating your boyfriend to get to another guy?
  6. Do your friends know about your boyfriend?
  7. Have you ever given your boyfriend a compliment?
  8. Do you hug/kiss/hold hands with your boyfriend in public.
  9. Do you ever buy your boyfriend presents?
  10. Are you open with your boyfriend? Do you tell him your problems?
  11. Do you trust your boy friend?
  12. And lastly, do you enjoy spending time with your boyfriend?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good girl friend?