Should you let him go?

Hello, this is a quiz about relationships and love. DISCLAIMER: This makes it sound like it’s just about guys, but this probably could work with anybody. If you’re a guy in love with a girl, girl in love with a guy, guy in love with a guy, girl in love with a girl, this probably works for anybody.

But one thing we all struggle with is whether we should move on from someone or not. This could be a partner OR a crush. But unhealthy relationships can be deadly, and hopefully you can avoid that

Created by: Sarah
  1. Are you dating? And if not, how long have you liked him?
  2. How did he react when he found out you liked him?
  3. Does anyone ever call him a playboy? Do you know of any times he broke someone’s heart very badly?
  4. Be honest. Is he attracted to your gender?
  5. Has he ever said something mean to someone (you included) that was just kinda looked past cause you like him?
  6. How far away does he live from you?
  7. Does he ever leave you hanging when you text/call him? (Not answering basically)
  8. Is he in a relationship with someone else?
  9. Have you ever talked to him?
  10. How much on average do your conversations come around to him?
  11. Has he ever cheated in a past relationship?
  12. What has happened to your grades and success in general since you started liking/dating them?
  13. Have you ever held out a life experience for him?
  14. What does your gut tell you?
  15. Does he ever skip classes and homework assignments?
  16. How rich does this guy try to make himself seem? (Not necessarily how rich is he, but how much does he show off money)
  17. Does he ever make excuses to not commit? (Not getting gifts for you, bailing on you, and that kind of stuff)

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Quiz topic: Should I let him go?