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hello there :) my names skatterbrain.. this is a shout-out quiz to everyone that has made my gtq experience the best ive ever had :D.. i dont know where i would be know if i was not brought to gotoquiz.. lonely, desprite, geeky, not very smart.. but all that chenged it a short amount of time.. in one year since joining ive.. made my first best friend, talked to people in countrys far far away, learned so much about people, and confessed a few things about myself, learned a few things about myself as well, entertained and agravated, annoyed and fasinated, cryed and lol'ed and so many new feelings,

and also inspred me for alot of other sites, facebook, and a few game accounts and lead my to buy a laptop, and countless other insperations.. all for wich i would never give up in a millon years :) i want to take this time to thank everyone that has made this year the happyest ive ever been,id like to thank God, my family, comcast, but most importently id like to thank you :) [the reader] for takeing your time to read and take this, and to every singel one of my freind on gtq you all mean so much to me

Created by: skatterbrain

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  1. first i would like to thank the first person to ever take any of my quizzes.. kelseyv .. since ive never seen him or her before ill just thank the first person to talk to me :) fufe123 :D wow.. the first girl i ever talked to.. and if you rememeber are game of truth or dare my first online kiss :) .. thank you so much for takeing the time to talk to me ill always appreciate it
  2. second person i want to thank would be the one who showed me the world of gtq... takos rule .. you have been a great friend and helped me alot.. so much, from advice to just simply saying hi ive appriceated everything i rememeber you were the first girl i really got to spend time with so dedicating a song to you when the power went out and i didnt get to talk to you for a day seems so awkward now :P but i just wanted to show how much i appreciated you talking to me
  3. my other best friend and my first little sister kiki rocks.. you were so awesome to talk to me and im glad i met someone with such bright plans for the futrure, lots of luck in everything you deside to do, art, travel, and everything you want :)
  4. next person means alot to me nuna + lyssa.. im so honered to have met you and spent so much time togther.. thank for showing me the new world of love and affection.. i cherished every minute of getting to know you and i hope your life is as happy as the day i met you :D
  5. dear sweet kierra/ LilMissSwagger/ kiki (you'll always be kierra to me *heart*) id like to thank yul brynner for puting us together :) with out him id have never have gotten the chance to meet such a wonderful, sweet, person, i care about you and hope you catch every dream in life you reach for and that you stay just as caring and special as you are today
  6. bestest buddy ever Sara :D or dragon.. you were, are, and will always be my best freind and like a sister to me >:D< *hugs* gotoquiz im sure would not have been as much fun if i had not met you.. you always make my nights special and i would never give up any second of time we had to gether.. all the laughs we shared and the great times could never out price gold,.. *insert dancing emoticon* XD thank you for every minute you shared with me..
  7. how could i ever forget awesome slytherin queeen :D the laughes and great times ive had with you has only made my time on gtq more special, ill always rememeber that first time we talked, you sayed you were a stalker and sayed you knew everything about me and my internet went out so i didnt get to respond to you :) but im so glad you went out of your way to talk to me.. im so happy to have met you ^_^
  8. a special place in my hear will always go to a gtq user named shadys angel :D sweet angelic dakota my heart always went out to you since the day i knew you.. my heart broke for weeks when i read all that happened to you and the second i saw your post i knew i wanted to give anything to make your life as happy as magical as the angel you were destioned to be.. i only hope i can always find a way to make you smile and make every bad thing go away and carry you to your life long utopia :3
  9. dude.. alejandro, rockstar98, tortura, cereal killer, whatever account you use or name your called by.. im always going to call you bro :D your the brother id trade my real brother in for any day.. ill never forget the first day i met you.. you mean so much to me.. from mixing my lonely broken heart, to letting me have your old facebook page, to.. if anything taking time away from your life to talk to me.. i cant thank you enough for everything.. the laughes and the dirty jokes, everything
  10. angelic4.. mitchy.. my best friend.. i always knew i could come to you if i ever had a problem and if i ever needed a true friend (wich i always do need one) your always there for me.. sweeter then willy wonka brand suger and as lovable and a kitten you have always been a great friend and my privelage to know you.. may God bless everone in your life and bless you every day of your life :)
  11. wonderful master piece audree forever.. my sweet sister AubriAna i hope and pray since i met you that your life would be a midnight sky and every star is a dream come true for you.. im honered, flattered, a little emebereced, but always proud to be your friend and humbled to be your brother
  12. carri04, ting, ever since the day i met you.. you wee like the cool kid in school everyone liked.. so to have someone like you talk to me was a great pleasure.. and ironiclly its still just as special everytime i talk to you..8D i hope your life is filled with happyness and derps and anime volcaloid ponies, have a great life and a joyfull future
  13. and my great friend AZY, daisy, *heart* dizzy.. you have always been a special person since i first saw you.. sometimes random, sometimes hyper, but everytime awesome :D im so glad ive met such a great, sweet freind that ill always remember hope your life is as wonderful and awesome as you are
  14. danny lover / danile / tiye.. best buddy.. im so glad to have met you.. and all the nights and emails we shared.. thank you for showing me the world of facebook.. i feel special having you as a friend and hope your future is bright ane wonderful :D
  15. doodle great friend doodle.. im honered to have gotten to meet a great friend and awesome quiz maker.. its great how you can pour your awesomeness in everything you do :)
  16. hazelfangbites, hope your life is doing great and everyone around you are as happy as i am to call you friend.. may love and laughs continue to fallow you and party hard and live life to the fullest
  17. littlemissvamp, alissa :) you've always been a special person to talk to and i care alot about you.. ive loved every minute ive gotten to talk to you and hope your life is magical and your future is as twice as sweet as you
  18. oh wow.. truewolf14 and lonewolf781 violet and jessica im so glad i met the both of you ill i cant think of the maximum ride story with out thinking of both of you :D you two were so awesome
  19. coolkittycat (aka alex the first girl i ever emailed) shinedownlover, bluebird, aquawinter, smartgirl115, kwright, OZZYIOMMI, dark22978, beastial, CodySimpsonLuv, kish, glitterchick97, lovergirl123, Selena122, zeronightshade, nellielxox, silvereight, barberbob2, tongue, hunteriscool, Teresa22, The Geek, serenity smith, zomgirl, k3vin, andrewD, moonblade, moyashi,
  20. people id like to get to know if the futrue leahm, anastansia, vegekaka, coolme3, dragon ember, appayipyip42, sick66, hephaetuschild, and anyone else that join gtq :D
  21. my deepest appoligies if i have not mentioned you.. let me know in commentes and ill add you cause i dont want to forget any single freind or future friends id love to give each and everyone of you a hug though the computer.. but since i cant ill just have to give a huge thank you to everyone and to tell you all how much you hae ment to me

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