My shout outs =)

Hello there! This is IcyDesignns! I want to give some shout outs to all of my friends here on GoTo I hope this can change the way some of my friends think of me, and how I feel about them.

If I said something rude, I'm sorry. But I speak the truth, and nothing but. If I didn't include you, I'm sorry. I'm either putting you in #2 or I forgot you, sorry! If you want a shout out, just ask. I'd love to give you one!

Created by: Frozen Heart

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  1. First off, I want to say something. I am the user IcyDesignns. I forgot my password on that account, so you guys can talk to me through this account. And, because of this, I have stopped the Death's Aroma series. Sorry.
  2. AZY: You were the first person that I met here on GTQ. You told me about everything here, and you were an amazing friend. Honestly, ever since you stopped coming on, I've missed you dearly. I feel like we've torn apart, and I feel like strangers now. I miss you a lot
  3. Tori: I remember asking you to be my friend because I thought you were popular c: & we started talking more & more, and you turned out to be really cool & my best friend! I love you like a sister, & I'm still trying to convince my mum to move to Georgia! Hugs & kisses, lol. Love ya babez =)
  4. Zane: I thought you were a weirdo at first. You did strange things lol. We were strangers at first, then became closest of friends, then faded. I feel so different talking to know, just because I barely know you anymore. We need to talk more. And I think of you as a great friend. Your funny. Nice. And everything else. Love ya bro =)
  5. Xavier: You know I hated your guts at first, lol. & you hated mine too. I remember talking to Jackie about you, then me & you started talking. Your really funny & weird, just like Zane. I say you fit right in here on Gtq. You may be annoying sometimes, but hey, I am too so I can't say that. lol, we haven't talked in awhile. Change that? :)
  6. Selena: We haven't talked much lately, maybe a few times, but I can tell you are a really cool person. You have a lot of friends here on Gtq, & I want to talk to you more to get our friendship going.
  7. Hailey: You have been an amazing friend ever since the day we met. We faded, and we don't really talk at all anymore. I know I've been gone for awhile, and I've been hanging with Tori a lot, but I think we need to talk more.
  8. El: Woah dude. Your awesome lol. You always made me laugh & you were really friendly. But you dont come on much anymore, and if you do, it's at night & I'm not on. I miss you. Wish to talk to you again soon...
  9. Moyashi: I really enjoy being your friend, honestly. You hate all the newbs because their annoying, and I respect that =) Your really funny, too! To be honest with you, I'm scared to talk to you because you seem mature & I don't want to say anything weird... lol. Hope we can start talking more though.
  10. Anri: You are really nice and caring and I love that in a friend. I have to be truthful with you, I hate that you act like a wolf and fight here. There's a place for everything, and virtual fighting as an imortal wolf does not belong here. Maybe you should try out for Twilight?! Just saying.
  11. Katherine: I have the same problem with you that I have with Anri. You act like a bird, or something with wings whatever. It's stupid, in my opinion. Just...tone it down a bit, please? And, you make a lot of pointless threads. If you just tone things down a bit, we could be great friends.
  12. Teresa: I love you great grandma Tessie :3 You are to smart and caring. You can be a bit mean sometimes, but you speak the truth and I respect that. I love having you here, your a great friend =) I hope we never fade c:
  13. Jayden: I feel like it has been months since we've talked. You haven't been on for awhile, and it seems like you like to hang out with everyone else but me. We need to talk again, because I miss you. Remember that c:

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