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Guys, it's Aria with some wonderful news and some shout outs! I really miss you all with my heart. You all are amazing, and I hope you notice I've mentioned all the old Gotoquizers.

This is such a tiring thing to do though but I guess that's the special thing about Gotoquiz, always making us think on what to write, huh? Remember those days when everyone would fill these description paragraphs with sensible things? Yeah I don't remember that either, LOL.

Created by: Aria
  1. Welcome everyone, to one of the many quizzes that have been made my me, Aria. I've been an official Gotoquizer since November 1st, 2011. Ermagawd haha. Anyway, tomorrow is a very special day because tomorrow, the 26th of April is going to make it an official year I've known WTF_NINJA! Our friendship is adorable xD I'll explain.
  2. Alright? Shall we begin? WTF_NINJA is one of my closest friends and to know it's been a year, we all know what that means? I'm getting older, haha! Just kidding though. It goes to show that people over the internet can be your friend for a very long time, through the ups and downs of life. I've been grateful for many things but meeting Ninja is something to be extremely happy for. As you all know, she's not only talented but smart, funny and really goofy. I don't think I've ever seen a serious side of her. Oh wait, those rarely come and when it does, you know you've got to change her back into her goofy adorable mood again.
  3. Tomorrow, I shall be celebrating the 1 year friendship that Ninja and I have. I expect most of our old Gotoquizers turn up and it'll show them how much Gotoquiz can change a person's life. Honestly people, do you not get it? Gotoquiz is actually one of the most special sites ever, and I hope you're not disagreeing with me because I'll smack you. I love this site, I don't see how people can not love it but then again, I really dislike some newbies and most of the ridiculous quizzes out there but I remember the happy times and everything seems to come back to me, and it fills me up and I have that moment of pure happiness and no one can ruin it. This place brought a family together, family full of girls around the world and rarely boys but we were united and we were one. There were no haters, no one to boss us around to critise us on our thinking. But now, everything's changed. I thought the internet was a place we'll all just come to escape? Honestly, as I'm writing this, I'm trying to picture what Missy Prissy Cat would comment but I just remembered she's not on this anymore.
  4. I really miss Missy Prissy Cat and everytime I watch Phineas and Ferb, I try NOT to cry because of how much it reminds me of her. Never knew a person could have so much impact on another, did you? This just goes to show as well how close you get to a person on the internet. Then again, I really do get attached to things too quickly but that doesn't really matter to anyone does it? I remember those joyful days we had. This was a writing site, a feeling site. This was actually more than just a site to some of us, and to know most of us have left, or rarely check this kind of hurts me because I know I can't do anything about it. I really miss everyone and I'm going to give some people shout outs! x.
  5. Firstly to TheRecklessBam! Girl, I miss you so much. I know we talk on Kik sometimes but those AMAZING email conversations we used to have are re-playing through my head and I can't help but think how much we've changed, how much the things in life have changed us. I hate change, you know? Do you remember when I used to fangirl madly over The Life Between Magic & Boys? :') I remember those days too and right now, my heart feels really weak, I'm already tearing up. Those days can never come back to us, the memories are the only thing that stays with us and it eventually fades. Everything fades away, memories are lost, things are gone. And I can't handle that Marissa, I'm a weak person, a very weak person. Pain changes people. Marissa, please continue with your story on Gotoquiz. I'll email it to everyone and make them read it, I just need back memories where I can fangirl over fictional characters again. x_x
  6. Secondly, singin234. Gurrlll, please. I miss you so madly it's a shame, honestly. I miss all the times when we would talk and you would update. Your story-quiz list is so huge, I can't even end reading it, aha! Our times were great and it's not something everyone can have. You are special and your writing is fabulous and I can't even- It's too amazing, just like yourself!
  7. To HogwartsLove. Honestly where can I begin? I really don't know where to start because the memories of you updating a lot is making me want to cry. Okay, I'm crying whilst listening to Little Things' instrumental by One Direction. I really miss everything HL, you've been amazing and I know everything is crazy at this point of our lives but I would not like to wake up one morning and realise you're not in my life anymore. Every night, I get these scared thoughts about any Gotoquizer dying, and I try to think positive. It's been rough for all of us, in different ways of course, but as you said, we have to be strong and be there for one another. Your quizzes are so amazing and your writing is just perfect. I can't even begin to say how incredible you are, and how much of an inspiration you are to people. You're a role model and such an amazing person. You and Nat seem like sisters to me, I don't know why. It never occurred to me that you two will compete and you never did. I've never been extremely close to you like I was with Nat but you and I are like sisters. I'd hate it if something happened to you, I don't know why I'm thinking like that but I'm sorry, it's been a very weird day. HL, do you remember all the TOUGH times we went through together? Your extreme writer's block, PIM's hating, and so much more? We stuck together as one, I beg you not to ever leave us. :'|
  8. I was running out of people to mention because I realised everyone's left. But to Calypso1315! Honestly girl, I've looked up to you since the beginning. You stood out like a diamond in the line of gems. You're a really special one, do you know that? I think you do know that, that's why you try to bless us all with your complete and utter fantastic qualities. We honestly do wish we were more like you. You're one of a kind, your writing is really hypnotising and it seems real, like I'm actually there with your characters. I know there are a lot of things to say about you but my brain seems jammed right at the moment because of uncontrollable sobbing, both sad and happy! Cal, we love you girl and try to do me a favour and send me Allycat's email? (:
  9. I'm just going to point out, I did not mention xxblutixx because she already knows how much she means to me. She's one of the few people I trust. I'm going to mention the original Gotoquiz family, forgive me if I leave out anyone: Natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove, xxblutixx, WTF_NINJA, elf_maiden, 5thMarauder, Bookwork123, Allycat, Calypso1315, Missy Prissy Cat, singin234, Bluebird, ivoryleaf, Dannica, Firey_Soul, zomgirl, Sage Person, _ViolaLover_ and so many more!
  10. I'm just going to point out, I did not mention xxblutixx because she already knows how much she means to me. She's one of the few people I trust. I'm going to mention the original Gotoquiz family, forgive me if I leave out anyone: Natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove, xxblutixx, WTF_NINJA, elf_maiden, 5thMarauder, Bookwork123, Allycat, Calypso1315, Missy Prissy Cat, singin234, Bluebird, ivoryleaf, Dannica, Firey_Soul, zomgirl, Sage Person, _ViolaLover_ and so many more!
  11. Crap, sorry about that, only realised it doubled and ugh, I hate when that happens. Anyway, this last individual shout out goes to natuhleegayle. She is such a sweetheart. Does anyone remember how jolly and full of love she was and still is? She's so amazing and I know I rarely talk to her but that's because of both our schedules, and I'm sure she's busy. She's been so sweet to everything, her smile made EVERYONE on Gotoquiz happy. She was like Queen Clarion from Tinkerbell to us all, wasn't she? She was the apple to our pie, the sugar to our cake, the sauce to our chicken, the melody to the music, she was and still is a big part of us, and always will be. She's almost a perfect human being. Yes she has flaws but her personality is almost perfecto, and she's everything I want to be. Natuhleegayle has not only been a wondrous writer. She has been a friend, a sister, a mother (lol), an adviser, and so much more to us. She has always been there to put a smile on our faces when we were down, she always knew the right thing to say. She was the most famous person on Gotoquiz and she still is, I hope. Her quizzes used to go on Today's Top Movers ALL THE TIME! And those were rated only 10 stars. She honestly is an angel, a beautiful angel, shining down on us all, blessing us with the gift of her kindness. I doubt there was anyone who didn't like her because everyone on Gotoquiz loves her! And now everyone on Wattpad will love her. I don't know how I did it but she said I made her smile. I remember when I was that hyper-active girl who had a crush on Oliver too Nat, I still do, I still madly do and I think just because of you, I'm going to focus more on my writing and studying from now on. You are such an inspiration, you wonderful being.
  12. Well everyone, I'm going to be updating my STORIES tomorrow, yes both of them, A Simple Hogwarts Story and Mysterious & Unexpected Events! And during the evening sometime as well, I will be having a sort of thingamabob, I really don't know as yet, maybe a Hogwarts full party, LOL. I hope you all are wonderful. Just do me one favour? Eat sour skittles, pickles and cucumbers! Aha, remember that? I do too :o But for now, just jump to the sky with all your might. Just remember, I will now be doing Writers That NEED To Be Recognised weekly so message me any user you think should go up for that! And if you're having trouble with anything, I'm here for you! Xo.

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