To Aria: I miss You, WTF_NINJA & xxblutixx

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You have my heart. And we'll never be worlds apart. May be in magazines, But you'll still be my star. Baby cause in the dark, You can't see shiny cars. And that's when you need me there, With you I'll always share.

When the sun shines, we'll shine together. Told you I'll be here forever. Said I'll always be a friend. Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end. Now that it's raining more than ever, Know that we'll still have each other, You can stand under my umbrella.

Created by: Orange Fusion
  1. Hi Aria! How are you? I miss you a lot. I miss you like a tree misses its leaves. *gives you the biggest hug one can possibly give*
  2. Aria, you're full of Unicorns and Care Bears all the time. You never get angry. Not even at the people who try to bring you down. How do you do that?
  3. Grudge. I'm not talking about a movie called grudge. I'm taking about 'GRUDGE'. Its one of the horrible things a person can do. But you Aria, you're not one of those people who holds a grudge. You're truely amazing.
  4. Aria, You're adventurous, and perhaps a bit mischievous. All of that makes you a playful kitten. Yes, you are like a cute kitten. So innocent and lovely.
  5. Aria, you are beautiful and wonderful. Of course you are a human. Certain things hurt you sometimes. But you manage to shrug it off and always be mature and self-confident. That is awesome.
  6. Aria, you always make everybody smile like it is your life motto. I always wonder how you do that without even trying.
  7. Aria, i used to be a shy and really soft spoken person. But i went through some tough times and changed into a mean and selfish one. But you are the one to inspire me to be who i am. Now i'm turning back to myself a little bit everyday.
  8. Aria, You are my inspiration, role-model, etc., And you are my fave fave fave faveourite person in this whole world. I'm so glad that i met you. You are the best.
  9. I also miss WTF_NINJA too. She's a pumpkin. I mean your pumpkin right? I miss your pumpkin. *turns into a crazy chick* *holds you hostage* Now tell me where is your pumpkin? *shouts: Where is she?*
  10. xxblutixx, *calms down* She's like a flower. She's so subtle and sweet. Subtle as a flower and sweet as honey in the flower. I miss her so bad *cries*
  11. Last but not least. I'm sure that you are an angel. I want you to grant me a wish. My wish is: I want you to smile right now. Not any smile. The biggest smile you can put on your face. And you must do that only for me. Did you got it? One and only for me. Not even a tiny bit of it for yourself. Please please angel, grant my wish *jumps up and down* *gives puppy eyes look*

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