Maurader love story part 5

You had my heart and we'll never be worlds apart maybe in magazines but you'll still be my star baby cause in the dark you can't see shiny cars and that's when you need me there with you I'll always share

BECAUSE! When the sun shines we'll shine together told you I'll be here forever said I'll always be your friend took an oath imma stick it out till the end

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. hi sorry I haven't been posting in a long time, got busy over the holidays with Christmas shopping and stuff.
  2. You started running through the tunnel for you life and all of a sudden you tripped over a loose rock and went flying. James and Sirius had skidded to a halt to prevent themselves falling onto power of you
  3. They helped you up and you slowly turned around... There was a strange figure standing there a a few yards away and was too tall it had to slouch
  4. "Back away slowly" James did what he said and a slowly as you could but so you were still going somewhere. The thing started coming toward you slowly "yeah, okay we're screwed, run!" You bolted back down the tunnel as fast as you could go. The boys were right be hind you and the thing was not far behind them. Then you came up with an idea. You took out your wand and shouted "stupify!" The creature froze and dropped to the ground. You all stopped running and Sirius walked towards the beast
  5. You went to inspect the thing to. Then you rialised it was a werewolf.
  6. "it's a werewolf" "yeah, we know" Sirius stated. "Well in that case...stupify!" You cast another stunning spell on it. "Wingardium leviosa" you floated it back to the shrieking shack. Then you all went back to the castle.
  7. "Yanow, it's kinda weird..." James started "a werewolfs cycle only occurs once a month when the full moon cycle begins, and he only ever disappears when that starts..."
  8. "But I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation," you started "well, I just hope your right" he responded and you walked off to potions.
  9. You spent the rest of the day thinking about Remus and where he could've gone. You headed to the great hall and went over to talk to snape about werewolfs.
  10. You walked back up for your dorm room and got ready for bed. You reflected on your day. First you heard creepy noises, then you went back to the tree to find the noise, then you got chased by a werewolf, then you put it back in the shrieking shack. "Wow, what a day I've had" you thought to you're self.
  11. Sorry I didn't include what the gift was from Remus was in the last quiz. It was the tales of beetle the bard

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