The Girl Who Lived part 52

What's up guys? Now, it's time to get SIRIUS!SIRIUS!SIRIUS! Nothin like a Harry Potter meme or joke.Anyway, please don't forget to check out my other last quiz on story ideas.

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Created by: chopinssonata
  1. It won't allow me to use Urls so search: Snape in Neville's grandma's clothes. It's the second one down. Watch it. her's the story -> I woke from my long dream with a smile plastered on my face that wouldn't be possible for me to replace with a frown. The only thing negative about it was when the fairytale-like dream ended. I threw on my robes, brushed my hair and all those preparations to get ready to go to breakfast. The twins were up to their normal shenanigans.
  2. When I sat in my normal spot between them and the Golden Trio sat across from us, there was a loud farting noise. Not only a noise, but there was some sort of putrid unidentifiable smell. I clamped my nostrils shut. "Ron, what have you been eating?" Asked Fred holding his nose.
  3. "Whatever it is, you'd better stop. It isn't very safe for other's to breath out that almost toxic gas." George commented with a clothes pin clamping his nose shut. By this time, everyone in the cafeteria was gagging from the smell. George and Fred happened to have the perfect thing everyone needed. For a certain price, that is. They had a huge basket of clothes pins that they went around selling.
  4. It was a perfect 'I need this right now' kind of situation. Kind of like how you buy salty peanuts at a baseball game or that ultra unhealthy lipid-loaded popcorn. By the end of breakfast the twins were counting the cash they made and were totalling up their profits. "I say we did a good job today Freddie." "I can't agree more George." "You planned that didn't you." I told them, making it not of a statement than a question.
  5. "Why would you think that dear Scarlet?" George put his hand to his heart and giving a hurt face. "Would we ever do anything like that? Make money off at our brother's expense?" George continued on being an awful dramatic. "Yes, you would." I stated firmly. Fred turned towards me. "Cut it out George, of course we would. Everyone knows that." Fred cut in.
  6. "I don't really care about you making money off of Ron. I just want to know how you did it?" I said. "Good magicians never reveal their secrets." George stated raising his eyebrows several times. "How about you magicians tell me your secret or I tell your mom and dad that you almost failed potions last year, and you wrecked the car several times without permission." I pointed an accusing finger at both of the twins.
  7. "My, my Scarlet, is that blackmail I hear? Alright very well. It's simple my dear Scarlet, we filled a whoopie cushion-" " With a bunch of items that smelled. We added Ron's socks to the collection." "Then we bought clothes pins and sold them, giving us a fairly high profit." The twins finished each other's sentences as they always do. The next few classes seemed like a bore.
  8. The only thing that I had to look forward to is the Quidditch game later.Potions bored me to tears but I could say the opposite for Neville. He was stiff in his chair. I tend to forget that Neville has some kind of thing against Snape. I gotta say, he doesn't seem all that frightening but he does seem to have that essence about him when he stares at you with those soleless eyes of his.
  9. The classes passed as slowly as I had anticipated. Lunch wasn't as eventful as breakfast but Ron did chase the twins around the mess hall until Ron just collapsed from all of the running. "I'm gonna get you two!" Ron had yelled. "You're gonna have to try a lot harder than that to catch us little brother." They answered over their shoulder as they ran away from him.
  10. I saw Harry afterwards in his Quidditch outfit witht the other Gryffindoors about to play a match. "Harry, good your match." I turned over towards Oliver who was telling the team, their offense and defense. "Oliver, please don't get hit by a bludger. I know that you love the sport anyway, but please be careful." He nodded, and the team marched onto the field, brooms in hands. I took my place in the stands and enjoyed the game.
  11. PART 2
  12. The game had been more exciting than all of my classes put together, although it wasn't as exciting as most of the things that had happened. By now, Ron had let bygones be bygones and forgave the twins since they had to play a game with each other and it would be so much easier if they hadn't been fighting.
  13. The Gryffindoors won and Oliver didn't get hit by a bludger at all which is a huge bright side to what I'm used to. The game ended and I headed upstairs on the girls side to my sleeping quarters. The next morning I had Boggarts with Proffessor Lupin. In the center of the room was a rattling wardrobe that wielded either a fierce beast held in too tight a space or some heartless malicious monster waiting to tear us to shreds.
  14. Well, this is Boggarts. It could be both. "Boggarts have no known shape or form when they're by themselves. But, when a boggart is in front of your very eyes, it molds itself into your largest fear. "Professor Lupin went on. He ushered us from being a huge cluster in the middle of the room into a messy two by two line.
  15. Somehow, even though Neville and I were in the back of the cluster closest to the door, we had been pushed up to the front of the classroom. I stood a couple behind Neville and he was up first. "Now, what frightens you most?" he asked Neville. Neville was hesitant. "Proffessor Snape." Everyone laughed, but I'm sure it wouldn't have had been the least bit funny if it was them.
  16. "Now I understand you live with your grandmother." "Yes, but I don't want the boggart to turn into her either." Another laugh from the rest of the class. "No. Now I want you to picture her clothes and only her clothes. Very clearly in your mind. Now when I open the wardrobe, I want you to-" He whispered something in his ear.
  17. "Now. One, two, three." Professor counted, and on three, he muttered a spell releasing the lock on the wardrobe.The door to the wardrobe opened slowly and Snape stepped out. Neville held out his trembling had and shouted "Riddikulus" and what happened next was rather ridikkulus itself. Soon Snape was wearing a whole new grandma ensemble.
  18. A red handbag, a striped coat and a stuffed fox draped around his neck. The rest of the class everyone went up to the front of the classroom and faced the boggart. Ron's greatest fear is spider's which I'm sure everyone knew already. He shouted the charm and the spider soon had rollerblades, making it slide everywhere. Harry went in front of the class. The boggart had shifted into a dementor. Lupin slid in front of Harry making the boggart change forms once again, but into his worst fear. An image of a full moon was shown and shortly after, he shouted "Riddikulus!" turning the image into a deflating balloon. I was next up to go.
  19. The boggart had changed several times when I stood in front of it. It had become several swirls of colors, kind of like a washer when it's at a high speed and all the colors of clothes are meshing together. I had actually never though of my greatest fear. Up until now, I didn't think I even had one, but, everyone has fears. The boggart had stopped on a figure. At first I couldn't comprhend what it was. Everyone around me gasped in horror. I could feel shivers throughout my body. I looked up to face the boggart and gulped, raising my wand up towards the figures. My eyes felt wet and I couldn't muster the strength to shout that stupid charm. Harry stepped in to aid me. He shouted the charm but my fear was too horrible to laugh at. To even joke about. Lupin dismissed class. I sprinted into the hallway, water droplets falling from my eyes as I passed by people.
  20. I finally stopped when I thought I had gone far enough. I was outside of Hogwarts near the lake, under the willow tree. I heard footsteps coming in my direction, not just of one person, but several. They sat near me and we formed a circle. The twins, Harry, Hermoine and Neville. Neville sat directly beside me and I hugged him tightly. After squeezing Neville so hard that he almost turned as purple as a plum, I leaned my head on his shoulder. His touch and smell filling my mind. It was utterly calming.
  21. "What was that?" asked Harry. "Apparently my worst fear." "What is that?" "Well, it's-" I was interrupted by Ron who ran in panting, holding a bag of sour gummy worms. Hermoine gave him a menacing look, staring daggers at him. Although he didn't seem to notice. "Sorry I'm late, I almost forgot my snack bag." I held out my had towards him. "Aren't you going to share?" He seemed relieved I wasn't upset with him like Hermoine. Ron passed me the bag, I took a few, passed it around and continued speaking. "They're bodies." The shiver returned. "Of what?" They asked. "Of the ones I love."

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