How much do you know about Severus Snape?

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This quiz just test your knowledge about Severus Snape. Even if you get a low score, it doesn't mean you are a true potter head, as you might be a fan of other characters.

I hope you enjoy this quiz with our Snape , who lives in our heart and soul forever . I am a Snape fan, but if you are not, please don't hate me

Created by: Snapeforever

  1. What is Snape’s full name?
  2. What is The name of his mum?
  3. When is his birthday?
  4. What is his patronus
  5. What was the last thing Dumbledore said to him before Snape killed Dumbledore?
  6. Who is the love of his life?
  7. What page is the chapter of werewolves which Snape teaches replacing Lupin?
  8. Who first introduce Snape to Harry?
  9. Where does Snape's true loyalties lie?
  10. What does Snape and Lily say in common in Deathly Hallows?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Severus Snape?