Aria, I'm sorry, by PIM

This is to say sorry to our wonderful gotoquiz user, Aria. Yeah I've been a b---- to her but all that is stopping now. I'm really sorry and I hope she can forgive me

Aria, you're a butterfly. You spread your wings and make people happy. I wish I was like you but then again, you teach people to be themselves. You're amazing

Created by: PerfectionIsME

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  1. You've been so strong through this Aria, I don't know how you do it. I've been so nasty to you. I told you that you should die. That was so harsh on my path and I'm ready for the consequences my actions had. You taught me to be strong. Thank you.
  2. You have no idea how sorry I am. If I could get you to meet One Direction this minute, I would. THAT'S how sorry I am. I really hope you forgive me.
  3. You're beautiful Aria, don't let them haters tell you otherwise.
  4. Now, you can skip the rest
  5. okay
  6. okay
  7. well, this is awkward
  8. uh, almost there...
  9. um...
  10. bye

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