Aria, you're beautiful :) from Ambrosia

Oh yeah, this is a quiz for Aria. She's smart, amazing, funny, talented, cute, strong, beautiful and outgoing. She can do anything because she's amazing

No one else is like her because everyone is different in their own ways but I don't get why they have to hate on her. She's such a role model to everyone

Created by: Ambrosia
  1. Seeing so much hate my inspiration, Aria has gotten, made my heart broke. No, I was not angry. My heart was just in pieces. Aria is everything to me. She always made me smile, always told me to do the right thing, she trusted me with her password on her account. She even taught me how to SOW over the internet. We've had crazy times together and I know, she's wonderful. For those who don't believe it, your eyes are deceiving you. If you can't see how amazing Aria is, you need spectacles. Aria is FAMOUS on here, and if you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself. Even though she's famous, she's modest and kind. She doesn't think she's famous. You don't know her at all haters, so don't judge her.
  2. You don't know what she's been through. Have you seen her cry? Have you seen her want to harm herself? No you haven't so don't think her life is as perfect as it seems. You don't know half of the things going on in her life and how strong she is. If I was her, I would've cracked by now but she hasn't. She's still going, she's still writing. She still goes on with her life. I think, Aria deserves more than just a quiz. Do you know how hard it is for someone to lose a guy who knows EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about them? Do you know how hard it is for a guy you've known for a long time, you even know how many years, hours, days, weeks, seconds you've known each other? Do you know how hard it is for Aria to cope with herself? You know NOTHING about her so leave her alone. She's so beautiful, like a butterfly. As xxblutixx said, she's the butterfly queen
  3. Aria, I'm sorry I haven't been on in a long time, but when I received the news of Luke's moving on, I started to cry. I knew how much you cared for him. You guys seemed inseparable. When I met him, when you were at his house, I thought he was your boyfriend. No kidding, he was just so perfect for you. Dang, this isn't helping is it? I'm sorry. When you were talking to me and he playing with your hair, I found it so cute. When I smiled and you asked me what I'm smiling at, it was because I never saw two people who were better for each other. Aria, Luke loved you. No, not like a sister but as more than that and you only knew when it was too late. Luke told me all his problems and I gave him advice. He didn't know what to do because he never wanted to ruin the friendship. When he tried to forget about you, because he saw the pain was too much, he called me from "the place" where he was and I realised he was going to do something stupid. The night he died was the night he was talking to me. I tried to tell him to calm down, because I knew what he told me what Noah told him wasn't true. Noah was trying to aggravate him and apparently it worked. When he was in the hospital, I got scared. I got really scared, Aria. I didn't know what to do. Aria, I called him everyday. When Luke couldn't hold the phone, Alex used to hold it for him. It was sad because Luke was perfect. I'm sorry. I miss Luke too. :(
  4. I'm terribly sorry if that made you cry, it's just...nevermind. Aria, you light up Gotoquiz a lot and if the person who made Gotoquiz knows that, he/she would possibly be delighted to meet you. You're beautiful Aria and without you on Gotoquiz, it would never be the same. When you were hardly on, I was worried. Not because we hadn't talked, but because of the news of Luke. I need to stop talking about it. Sorry. Ambrosia is very sorry Aria. Aria, I remember when I fangirled when you gave me your email. I thought I was dreaming so I went and pinch myself. I made my cousin slap me too because you're such a role model.
  5. The words in the world aren't enough to describe you. I went through all the quizzes you made for people. I remembered when James Bond also made a quiz for you. You were so delighted, you didn't believe it. Aria, you're more than my best friend. You're like a sister I've always wanted. You are my inspiration, role model, sister, family, everything. Even my mother isn't as amazing as you. Whenever she quarrelled with me, I would always turn to you and you made me feel better.
  6. Aria, how can people hate you? You're beautiful and you always tell people to believe in themselves.
  7. Aria, you're amazing, just the way you are
  8. Don't let what they say, keep you up at night and if they give shh...they can walk on by- little mix
  10. Okay, bye :)

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