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This is a quiz for our beloved Aria! We hope she likes it! We love her so much and she's such an inspiration to us! We hope she reads this and believes us!

Aria is beautiful, if you don't agree, you need glasses and two good slaps. Ron will visit you in your sleep and eat your head off if you don't think she's beautiful!

Created by: Ambrosia
  1. So this is a quiz to shout out Aria, out gotoquiz user! She's so beautiful, I wish I was more like her! Oh my name is Ambrosia :) But my real name is Amber. With me, I have PIM who's real name is Alice.
  2. So firstly, Aria needs to believe that she's beautiful because I don't like how she puts herself down. I mean, look at her. She's smart, talented, funny, cute, ADORABLE and much more. Yeah Aria, I said ADORABLE, gonna say something?
  3. So, Aria. I know you're possibly confused about what you feel for Gateau but you can't let that get in your way of your studies. I mean, yeah he's a great guy but he's almost an adult now, and you're not. You won't see him, so you don't know what he's doing. I know you like him, probably a lot, but you have to trust us on this, he's cute, yes but....Aria you're making this hard for me. I can hear you saying, "He makes me smile when no one else can." I know he can do that but I also think that he's....I can't. Just be careful Aria. I don't want to see you get hurt.
  4. So now, ARIA I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS "YOU KNOW WHO." No, not Voldermort but someone else. Aria, you need to have higher self-esteem. I can't believe he said you're really pretty though; that's just...I don't know. It's FANTASTIC!
  5. So Aria, I love your writing so far. I know a lot of people aren't commenting as yet but they will, once they realise how great of a writer you are. You've really improved over the months, all you need is a little MORE detail and maybe some adjectives? Lol. But I like the last part where Cedric was angry. What is up with Cho Chang though? She and Pansy should definitely be friends but then they might kill Saphira o.O
  6. Aria, you deserve more shout outs. So here's a little thing. GUYS, YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT ARIA'S SERIES, "A Simple Hogwarts Story." The revised edition of course because in my point of view, it's GREAT AND I LOVE IT. Cedric Diggory is such a darling and anyone can fall in love with Draco in that series x)
  7. Aria, I love the way you smile :P No, Alice and I aren't stalkers but it was amazing seeing you! That England trip ;) Woah, I think James might still have a thing for you. Does he still call you? LOL. And how's Sanjeev? I saw his status the other day. It was *"Whenyou sleep while hugging one pillow, you actually wish it to be the person you love the most." guess its impossible not to think of her now* and Aria, we all know you were his first girlfriend and the only girl he loved/loves. So he still has feelings for you. We definitely need xxblutixx's and WTF_NINJA's opinions on this, haha.
  8. So Aria, Alice was wondering how your phone is going? I mean, she knows you threw it down the steps within the hour you got it! Aria, you are unbelievable. I cannot believe how cute and clumsy you are. It's clumsy but in a cute way. If there was a guy like Oliver, he would definitely fall for you and trust me, when Harry meets you, you'll make him weak at his knees and you'll be his perfect girl. And I'm not done yet. When you and Gateau touch, THE SPARKS THAT WILL BE GOING, I BETTER GET MY SUNSHADES. Haha, I know, you're either blushing or mentally hitting me. The latter, I think. Oh Aria, we love you too hon :)
  9. I cannot believe it Aria, a year has passed. Are you excited for tomorrow? Your report. Okay, the way you described it to me, I'm scared. I will NOT let your dad take your laptop and phone away; you need those because this is essential to life! And don't let your parents see the texts that Gateau sends you, you'll get in trouble young lady ;) Okay Alice wants the laptop, I'm handing it to her. I think it's actually good she isn't a psycho-maniac anymore. She's intelligent now. :)
  10. Hey Aria! It's Alice, have a wonderful term tomorrow and I know seven hours of school might attempt to kill you and remember that teacher, Ms Spanish can't do you anything. I know you're really frightened for your report but it's not the end of the world. I'm nervous for you but I love ya, girly! x

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