Please Help My Love Life! 2

This is another part to my need for love advice. I still don't know Tommy's eye color. Lame I know. But I didn't see too much of today. Probably won't for another week!

Poor me, I know. Ugh! This is why I'm making this, so you can help and sympathize for and with me. I would also like to make a shout-out to Aria, who was in the hospital, hope you feel better soon!

Created by: None of your business!!!!
  1. Hey, I know I just made a story yesterday, but I feel sad.
  2. I saw Tommy today at dance class.
  3. I know it sounds odd, but it's not as weird as it sounds because it was Irish step.
  4. A lot of boys Irish Step dance. But anyway, he's in a class above me, so sometimes right after my class I'll be able to say hi.
  5. And as I was about to leave, I said hi. I think he wasn't sure who I was, (he wasn't facing me), so he turned around, and I think brightened a little.
  6. He said, "Oh hi Erin." But then, as I was about to say something else, some boy I know, he's like 8 I think comes over and asked Tommy to play rock paper scissors.
  7. And Tommy, even though he's the youngest in his family, is great with kids and says sure. As much as that was nice, I was kind of disappointed.
  8. Today was probably my only chance to talk to Tommy for a WEEK! It's not even like we're in the same class so we can talk on breaks.
  9. And of course, my cousin and my other friend are in his class and are older than me and around his age. They're also in his dance class, in is youth group, and ultimately, around him more often.
  10. I think he likes my cousin. He talks to her a bit, tells her his favorite dance, and at youth group dances, asks her to dance with him. The last one might just be a coincidence, he asked my friend, Chrissie, to dance to.
  11. He was talking and smiling with Chrissie today as I left. At least I know she doesn't like him. I guess there was no real reason to make this. Nothing major happened, I just needed to vent.

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