What is your love rating?

Many people think they know there true love status so I made this quiz so people would know how there love life really is! This quiz is very important to help someone through a relationship.

Let's see if your love life is really as good or bad as it seems. After a few minutes the amazing or awful truth will be revealed. I hope you learn a lot more than you ever thought you would!

Created by: Talia
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many times do you call your boyfriend every day?
  2. When you decide to strip, what clothing item do you take off first on him?
  3. You have a date. Where do you go?
  4. What is your boyfriend like?
  5. What is your boyfriend's sport?
  6. What is your gift from your boyfriend?
  7. What does your boyfriend do for you on Valentines Day?
  8. What kind of wedding cake would your boyfriend pick?
  9. What music does he put on?
  10. How much do you kiss?

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Quiz topic: What is my love rating?