How may people secretley want to be your friend?

Take this quiz! You will get a result thaat will be so important, because you may act wrong in life and that is so embarassing. Come on- you'l love it.

Itl be so fun. Having your life infrount of you is inportant come on youl love it so much so take my quiz and give it a rating at the end! youl love it.

Created by: Pixie
  1. You're in class. The teacher asks you a really hard question, and you get it right. What happens?
  2. Its your birthday. What happens when you walk into the class (or a friends house etc)?
  3. How many people have asked to play with you in the last month?
  4. How many people you know don't like you?
  5. On non-uniform day, how many people say "Cool! I love your outfit!"
  6. Do you play out? (Go out like to the park with no adult)
  7. What are your veiws on fashion?
  8. Do you have a phone?
  9. Do you buy expensive gifts for the teachers?
  10. What are your birthday parties like?

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Quiz topic: How may people secretley want to be my friend?