We'll Survive (Klaus Baudelaire love story)

Hi everyone! I really like A Series of Unfortunate Events, and love stories! I really like the Harry Potter ones too! One day I looked for one on ASOUE, but there was none! I decided to make one, and an account.

I hope you like this! It is my first quiz/story! I forgot to mention that you have round black glasses! That is not because Klaus has glasses! I just like glasses! Anyways, I hope you like it! If you like, please rate and comment!

Created by: Violet Potter
  1. A Little Bit About Yourself: Your name is Clementine Black. You have two siblings. One is a month old, and his name is Percy. Another is 15 years old, and his name is Neville. All 3 of you really don't look like siblings. Percy has tan hair, and slightly lighter colored skin, with green eyes. Neville has brownish blondish hair, normal skin, and black eyes. You have wavy black hair, reaching the middle of your back, pale skin, and silver eyes with a purple streak going through the middle of each.
  2. The Deadly Fire: You, Percy, Neville, and the Baudelaires are all at Briny Beach. You guys like to go to the beach on foggy days because nobody is there. Percy was helping Sunny find objects to chew on. Violet was showing Neville how to use her invention on skipping rocks. Klaus was reading a book you recommended, and he semmed to be enjoying it. Meanwhile, you where just thinking about your dad. You and your sibling never met him. You only met your mom, who was now having tea with the Baudelaire parents. Then you looked up and saw someone walking towards you.
  3. You noticed Violet and Neville saw him. They walked over to Sunny and Percy, and picked them up. While they did that, you walked over to Klaus. You bent over , and whispered in his ear, "Someone's coming." He looked up, and stood up. All six of you stood side by side, Klaus and you in the middle.
  4. From the corner of your eye, you saw Violet pick up a rock. Then you heard a cough interrupt the silence. You jumped, along with Neville. He bumped into you, who fell directly onto Klaus. He was lying down on his back, and your head was on his chest, with your legs on the smooth sand. You heard Neville whisper/yell sorry. Then you said, leaning over Klaus, "I'm sorry." After hearing him say it's okay you two got up to see the Baudelaires parents' banker, Mr. Poe. He spoke, "Children, I am afraid I must inform you, an extremely unfortunate event. Your parents, or parent have just perished in a fire that destroyed both of your entire homes."
  5. You were shocked at first, but then you thought that it must be a joke. That couldn't happen. Could it? Klaus POV: As the person coughed, Neville jumped, and bumped Clementine backwards. I was going to catch her, but I wasn't prepared, so she fell on top of me. I kind of enjoyed it, but we got up. Then mom and dads banker told us that our parents, or mom, perished in a fire which destroyed our entire home. I knew he wouldn't joke like that, so I felt like I was going to cry. I couldn't. I had to stay strong.
  6. Your POV: I couldn't help it, I had to let it out. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I thought this. Klaus looked at me, and he to had a tear rolling down his cheek. Neville walked to my side, and he and Percy hugged me tight. Before I knew it, we were all crying.
  7. After a moment of hugs and silence, all of us followed Mr. Poe to his car.
  8. Bye! Stay tuned for my next chapter!
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