Pure as Crystal Part 5

You are living with the pack of Klaus, with Chiron, Orion, Zenos, and Aetos. I don't really know what to write so I am just going to say random things that are not relevant in any way to this quiz. I don't really like cheese except for extra sharp cheddar. I love pina colada water ice.

It's time for a little training with Aetos and Zenos! Find out what happens next in the story with Chiron, Orion, Aetos, Zenos, Klaus, and everyone else!

Created by: nessie14

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  1. You wake up and Orion is sitting next to you. It is light out, and everyone is moving around doing their own thing. You try to remember what happened last night, and remember that you were talking to Orion. And then it all comes back to you: Melaytha's plot to wipe out the human race. "Are you okay, ______?" Orion asks. "You passed out after..." "Yeah," you reply. "I'm fine."
  2. Suddenly Aetos comes up from behind you. "Hey, _______! I was thinking, maybe you would want to try doing a little battle training with me?" He sounds so hopeful, and his hazel eyes are brimming with anticipation. Orion steps foward and says, "I think she should, uh, stay with me for now so she can, um, recuperate." Then Zenos walks up and says, "Oh, hey _______. I heard you passed out last night and wanted to make sure you were okay." Then Klaus comes up, and it's getting awfully crowded, and says, "What's all the excitement over here?" Aetos says, "_______ and I were just going to go train a little, right ________?" Before anyone else can say anything, Klaus says, "That sounds like a good idea. And Zenos, it might not be a bad idea to go with them. Off you go, then."
  3. Orion looks at Aetos angrily, obviously upset that you are going to be with Aetos and not him. Aetos is looking angrily at Zenos, obviously upset that he has to share his time with you with Zenos. Zenos seems upset by the fact that Aetos will be with you and him, but otherwise is happy that he gets to spend time with you. Klaus just walks away, not even aware of what he just caused. "Alright guys," Aetos sighs. "Let's go to the training field." Orion glares at Aetos, Have fun," he says with light sarcasm. Aetos starts off in the opposite direction and you follow him, with Zenos trotting excitedly next to you. Soon, you arrive at a large field with a few random trees and small patches of yellow flowers. The grass is a little taller, but short enough that it doesn't reach your belly.
  4. "Okay," says Aetos. "let's start with the basics. How about you guys both show me your 'ready to fight' stance?" You bend down in the front and place your feet a little wider apart to get a more firm stance. Zenos does the same, but opens his mouth a little too. "That looks good, _______. So does yours, Zenos. _______, see how Zenos opened his mouth a little? That will allow him to taste the scent of his enemies in the air, so he can estimate how many there are and what directions they are coming from. So remember to do that, but everything else looks good. Now, let's work on blocking. Ready?" You nod your head, and Aetos swipes his paw at you. You push his chest back, but it doesn't do anything because he is so strong and has a steady hold on the ground. "See, that was an attack. You will rarely be able to stop an attack if you don't block. Let's try that again, but this time, try to block it." Aetos swipes at you again, and you bring your paw up to stop it. "That was better. Now it's your turn, Zenos."
  5. You watch Zenos and Aetos for a little bit, who every now and then look at you. They walk over to you. Zenos speaks up, "Hey, _______, do you want to battle me? I thought it might be a good idea since we're kind of on the same level, and then Aetos can evaluate us." "Sure," you say. You and Zenos get into your 'ready to fight' stances. You make the first move, and leap towards Zenos head-on. Zenos jumps to the side pushes you down, seeming a little unsure of himself. You quickly jump up and plow into Zenos's side, pushing him down. He regains his confidence and swipes at you with his claws. "Remember you're not aiming to hurt each other!" Aetos yells, but you are so caught up in the battle that he sounds like he's in the distance.
  6. You and Zenos go on fighting for a few minutes, and after a while you are both extremely exhausted. "You both did very well, but I definitely saw some things where you guys can improve on. I think that's enough for today though. What do you think?"
  7. Aetos laughs. "Let's report back to Klaus. He will probably want to know about your progress. It would be good to tell Orion too..." He looks at you and smiles, and walks next to you. You start off back to the main part of camp, and Zenos comes up on your other side. You look at him, and he smiles too. You walk in silence until you find Klaus.
  8. Klaus greets you and asks how the training went. "It went pretty well. They should be pro's in no time," Aetos answers, obviously pleased by you. Zenos turns to walk away, when you notice he is bleeding.
  9. "Hey, Zenos!" you say. "You're bleeding!" He comes back and says, "Really? I don't feel anything. Does it look bad?" You take a closer look at his wound, and find that it's just a little cut. "No," you reply, "It's nothing." But then you notice that the blood is dark red, not teal. "Um, Klaus?"
  10. Zenos looks worried. "Is something wrong?" "Oh, no don't worry about it," you say, and he walks off. "Klaus? Zenos is, um, normal." Klaus sighs, "Yeah, we figured he was." "Does he know what we are? Should we tell him?" "I think he's fine for now. He doesn't have to know, and I don't want to traumatize him or anything." "Okay."
  11. That's it for Part 5! Hope you liked it! Please comment and rate!

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