Is the evil in you pure ?

This quiz tests the mind and body on how evil you are.Be careful not to be influenced by the questions and answers as it will change your life forever.Make sure you are careful enough to take this challenge.

This is quiz on how pure your evilness are.Be aware that this may totally alter your personality and change your life.Ah, what the heck.You know you're already evil try it !!

Created by: Someone
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  1. How big is your crave for pure evil ?
  2. What will you do if a guy threatens to kill your family or one of your closest friends ?
  3. What would be your weapon of choice in a battlefield ?
  4. How do you spread your propaganda of evil throughout the world?
  5. What is your motto ?
  6. Who is the evil mastermind who inspired you to be evil ?
  7. Ok Ok , Who is the real life mastermind which you really idolized to become evil.
  8. What would be the perfect place to murder a person ?
  9. What is your favorite book ?
  10. A TOTALLY UNRELATED QUESTION !!! If you were kidnapped,forced to be a slave,being threatened of killing your whole family and friends, what would you do ?

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