What Villain are you?

The gaming world is full of people. Good people, charitable people, mental people. But this quiz is about EVIL people. Terrors of their own worlds, and feared above all.

However, we are here to discover which of these despicable people you are most akin to, which has your type of twisted, evil thinking. In just a couple of minutes, you will find out what sort of evil mastermind you really reflect.

Created by: Matt Hicks
  1. How do you start your master plans to dominate the world?
  2. How do you challenge the hero come to smite you?
  3. You have to look your best for a battle, what do you wear?
  4. When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
  5. If you needed an ally, who would you choose?
  6. What's your primary mode of transport?
  7. What weapon do you like to use?
  8. Who is your most feared foe?
  9. What's your favourite hairstyle?
  10. Where do you stay and cook up your fiendish plans?

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Quiz topic: What Villain am I?