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  • Dr. Robotnik 83%

    You have a cool name, and you are the shape of an egg. Ginger hair, and an obsession over blue roadkill. A robot-building genius, but can't handle the pest-control. You are, like many evil-doers, obsessed with power, in the form of crystals.

    67% Sephiroth
    62% Ganondorf
    46% Bowser
    41% Dark Samus

    The faded smoke
    • What Villain are you?
      Your Result: Ganondorf 81%

      You are an evil genius, commander of hordes of ugly and slightly dumb monsters, You feel your talents are wasted on these mortals around you, and that you should aspire to Godlike power!

      47% Bowser
      43% Dark Samus
      36% Sephiroth
      27% Dr. Robotnik

  • Your Result: Dark Samus 83%

    You are a malevolent, powerful creature of pure energy. You fight to survive, but kill for pleasure. Feeding off Phazon, you gain power from corrupting all, and will destroy any armour-clad bounty hunters who get in your way...

    Sarah Louise
  • Sephiroth,I do like to go by my own rules and instincts as well as being self reliant on myself. I will be very defensive over myself and my beliefs often too. Cool quiz mate.


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