Ring of Guardians {part 2} Pass or Fail

Here is part two, and this time, your results will not be like the last. You will not be evaluated upon being good, bad, or somewhere in between. Just get going, to see what the results are this time. One thing: good luck. You might need it.

Last time: You were introduced to this series, and you heard the rumor of the pheonixes and a magical crystal. You are now on your way to ask the queen if it is all true. Be ready, you will meet a new named character this time.

Created by: Skydragon
  1. You walk through the great doors of the Queen's dorms. You find her standing by the great window facing the door. She smiles at you. At her left, are two ordinary mages. On her right, are two of the Peace Guardians.
  2. The queen grins. "_____, we shall test your skill in magic. You have completed training, and you are said to be capable of all magic. But you must prove that you can. These are your exams." she speaks.
  3. "Follow me." the Queen says. You, the two wizards, and the two Guardians follow her. Icefire trots by your side. "Good luck." he whispers.
  4. You come into a great hall, with walls that are even hard to see, for their far distance. The Queen stops here, and turns to you. "Now, each of the wizards, and each of the Guardians have a task for you, that you must fullfill. Either it is here, or somewhere far. But that doesn't matter. As long as you complete it." she explains.
  5. "I shall leave you to be instructed. Come to me, once you have finished the exam." the Queen says. She goes out of the room, and closes the doors behind herself. The two wizards, and two Guardians look at you.
  6. First, a silver haired male steps forward. He carries the Guardians symbol upon his torso. He looks at you. "I have a task for you. First, call your mount." he orders. You stand back, and call out with your thoughts. ~Zulada.~ you think.
  7. Icefire yipps excitedly. A loud roar rings through the hall. Right through the ceiling, a red dragon comes crashing. She lands by you. "You called for me." she speaks. You nod. You quickly explain to her of the exams, and she nods. You both turn to the silverhaired Guardian. "Good. Now, my task for you, is to fix the ceiling." he says grinning.
  8. "What's so great about fixing the ceiling?" you ask with confusion. The silverhaired elf grins. "Not just fix it. You see the pattern in the ceiling?" he asks. You look up, and see the lines crossing the ceiling, and creating elegant patterns. You look at the elf again. "You must recreate the pattern that Zulada destroyed, using all of the pieces that came down." he finishes.
  9. Now to pass the first test, what will you do to fix the ceiling?
  10. Either way you fixed it, or maybe not, but it is time for test two. Now that task number one is over, the silverhaired male steps back. Forth steps a blackhaired, hazel eyed wizard, clothed in violet. "I have a task for you." he speaks in a deep voice.
  11. "I want you to use all four elements at once. Any way you can, you must be controlling them all. Water, fire, air, and earth. Good luck." the wizard tells. What do you do?
  12. Whatever you did, is over now. The blackhaired elf steps back with a nod. Forth steps another wizard. A blond male with large, green eyes. He smiles at you. "My task is simple. You must counter attack, block, or eliminate any attacks that I send at you. Evading is illegal, and will make you fail automatically. Ready? Go!" he explais. Before you have much of a chance, he beginst to fire attacks at you.
  13. Now you must choose for each attack, what you will do about it. Good luck! Fire balls from all directions.
  14. Earthquakes in all places. You are not allowed to fall.
  15. Heavy winds, each one from an unexpected direction.
  16. A huge waterwave.
  17. "All right. Enough." the wizard then says. He steps towards the rest of the task givers. All that's left is a blackhaired, violet eyed female Guardian. She steps forward, and through the roof crashes a blue dragon with the color of sapphires.
  18. "We shall fight." she says with an eager smile. "What?!" Zulada exclaims. "But-" she is cut of by the blue dragon. "This is the Guardian's exam, not yours. You have nothing to bring in." he growls.
  19. You think hard, and remember something. "No." you say firmly. The female looks angry. "I know that Guardians are not allowed to fight other Guardians. Strict rules lie at that. Even for the sake of training, tests, or exams, is it forbidden." you speak. The female's angry face changes. "All right, you pass my test." she says calmly then.
  20. You head out the door to the Queen, and she speaks to you, your results... That's it. I hope you liked it. Please comment and rate!

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