Ring of Guardians {part 1}

J am going to tell ahead of time, that you are playing a female lef. Here is a new story line that I made up. I hope you will all comment and rate, and follow the whole thing along the lines. Read the thing below for the history of your person.

For many, many years, a certain allieance of mounted elves, would protect and serve the lands. They were the Ring of Guardians. They guarded the peace, and prevented war from breaking out. You are part of this, and you are a fine wizard at the palace of elves. You sometimes teach also. You have lived at the castle all of your life, but when you were seven, a dragon hatched for you, and you were asked to join the ring. You gladly accepted, and your training begun. You have just finished training now. Along with you, is a little friend. A silvery, icy blue wolf, which is twice the size of a medium pup, as he self, is also still growing. He has the power of ice, and is named Icefire.

Created by: Skydragon
  1. It is once again morning. You slept until halveway the morning today, and are just waking up from the streams of sunlight that flow through your windom.
  2. You stumbled out of bed, and find near your bed, the snowwolf -also known as Gully- that you named Icefire. About him you like most:
  3. He looks up at you, and speaks. "What are we up to today?" You shrug, and answer, "The usual."
  4. You pace passed him, and to your wardrobe. Which you open, and select your clothes from:
  5. Once you are dressed, you call for Icefire, and you two head out of the door into the halls. The walls are a fine brown, with many red torches, which burn till eternity with magical light. The floor is covered with a red carpet. "Where of to?" Icefire asks. "Kitchen." you answer. The two of you head down the halls left, and then come to a winding set of stairs, which you take downwards. On your right is a large kitchen which you enter. You have a fine breakfast to suit your liking, as does Icefire. Afterwards, you are deciding what to do.
  6. Before you can make a decision, a young elf comes into the kitchen. She has long, curving blond hair, which seems even gold, and large, pale blue eyes. Her skin is light, and her smile heartwarming. Her name is Heva. She is another Guardian of Peace.
  7. "Did you hear all of the rumors?" Heva asks.
  8. Before you say what you were planning on saying, Icefire's curious personality jumps up, as he asks, "What is it then?" Heva sighs, and seats herself. "Some say that the Pheonixes have found another gemstone with magical abilities, and that aren't going to use it for good."
  9. Heva goes on, "I'm not sure if it's true. But I suggest you ask the queen if your help can be used." she suggest. Afterwards, she acts like nothing was told, and gets some food for herself.
  10. You go from the kitchen with a fine pace, and head to the queen's chambers. Icefire is right beside you. Not long does it take until you are by the doors. You take a deep breath.
  11. That's it. Forry that it was so short. I'll try to make it longer next time, but first, I need to theink up something for part 2!

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