Ring of Guardians {part 4} All or Nothing

Here is part three of Ring of Guardians series. This time, you will be tested upon how curious you are. The reason for these results: as for all of the speech, I didn't know what else to use as results. So please enjoy.

Recap: you have first been introduced to this world. A test has come acrossed you and your red dragon Zulada. You two have passed, and the Queen sent you on a mission to deliver a package to one named Lady Ravina in a city called Gore. On your way, you encountered several opponents...

Created by: Skydragon
  1. Lady Ravina offers you a seat, and asks you if you would like some tea. She says it's all natural. You decide to be polite, and accept. She goes of to get the tea, while you and Zulada wait. You look around the room. The walls are yellow, and the floor is wood. There are a total of two windows, but the curtains are drawn. To your left, many books are stored on shelves, along with pots and plants. Lady Ravina comes back with the tea, and sits down also.
  2. Ravina stirs in her tea, then looks up at you. "You might have heard rumors of the pheonixes. But the true story is most likely different than what you've heard." she says. Icefire nods, and tells her quickly what you have heard. Lady Ravina doesn't answer quickly. She then takes a deep breath. "The pheonixes are overwhelmed with rage. They used to own a few powerful crystals, which seem to have dissapeared." she tells.
  3. Lady Ravina goes on. "Some say the crystals are good, some say they are evil. I am not sure myself, but as it looks, the pheonixes will do anything to get them back. Mulitple accusations are going about."
  4. "They also suspect us elves. Yes, we have been allied for long, but it seems they might just turn against us." Lady Ravina replied. "But what will that leave for them? We are too much and too strong for them." Icefire replies.
  5. Lady Ravina nods at Icefire. "But there way of attacking is different than ours. Most say you can kill them using water or ice, but that is not true. Those things have equal effects as all other elements: none." she explains.
  6. "There is something, called a Dark Hole. That can defeat a pheonix. But if you go looking for it, they might think you are trying to defend yourselves. You would be acting suspicious." Ravina adds.
  7. "Maybe we can negotiate with the pheonixes, before their rage takes away their senses also." Zulada sugest.
  8. "That's a good idea." Ravina agrees. She looks from you, to Zulada, to Iceifre, and back at you. "Didn't your Queen give you something that you were suposed to give me?" she asks. You suddenly remember, and you stand up. Fiddling in Zulada's saddlebags, you find the package, and give it to her. Lady Ravina looks pleased.
  9. Lady Ravina ignores your curious eyes, and she sets the package onto a shelf. "Thank you." she says. "Any questions you have?" she then asks, while intertwining her fingers in her lap. "Yes." Icefire speaks up. "What is in that package?" he asks.
  10. Ravina's sharp eyes fall on Icefire. "Dear being, that's for another time to be said. Or, maybe never. Now, if you would please, leave my house." she speaks. She seems suddenly changed. Less open and kind. Like the package is more than just a package. You stand up, and hand her your empty cup. You feel a bit uncomfortable. ~There's something about that package, which she doesn't want to say.~ you think to Zulada. The three of you head out of the house, and the door shuts closed without a goodbye from Lady Ravina.
  11. Without another word, you set of for Draga's house. That's it for this part.

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