Guardians of Ga'Hoole Quiz 1

There are many people who read Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathryn Lasky because people don't care about owls but it is actually very interesting. If you have not read all the books then I recommend not to read all the books, One threw Fifteen.

You haven't started yet. I can't believe it. Just get to the qiz and don't worry about reading this paragraph that took me so long to think of. Well, thanks for doing my quiz because I am just a guy that likes reading, too much I'm told. Have fun.

Created by: Scourge

  1. What is Soren's mother's name?
  2. What are the threat that killed the Boreal Owl in The Journey?
  3. In what book did Soren learn that Kludd was trying to kill him further than pushing him out of the nest?
  4. What is Kludd's mate, Nyra?
  5. In what book do you learn what a Hagsfiend is?
  6. What is Soren's genus?
  7. What lives at the Ice Narrows?
  8. Who is the leader of the Weather Chaw?
  9. What is a ryb?
  10. What is a chaw?
  11. What does Nyroc get his name changed to?
  12. Where does the band go to when they fly over the Great Ga'Hoole Tree?
  13. Who kills Kludd?
  14. Who kills Coryn?
  15. Who kills Nyra?
  16. How many owls are there at the Great Tree in The Burning?
  17. What is Gylfie's genus?
  18. What is Ezylryb's other name?

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