Ho w Well Do U know Guardians of Ga'Hoole

There are many people who like to read the series Guardians of Ga'hoole. If you are taking this quiz you must be one of those many readers. This is a quiz about book 1 of the series Guardians of Ga'hoole just incase some people didn't read the whole series.

Do you really know Guardians of Ga'hoole book 1? Do you have what it takes to really put your effort into this quiz? Well you'll find if you take this quiz. The questions are fairly easy. In just minutes you'll find out if your a G.O.G. giueness. So spend some time to do this quiz!

Created by: chels
  1. who snatched gylfie? this quiz is only about book 1
  2. who is the band's members (the group)
  3. where did gylfie say to go? the place soren said to auntie instead of being a cricket hunter?
  4. where did twilight say he wanted to go to?
  5. what was the name of the burrowing owl?
  6. who helped gylfie and soren escape?
  7. who helped gylfie become right side up when gylfie and soren first landed?
  8. when was soren snatched?
  9. who pushed soren off the nest
  10. who carried mrs. phlitliver?

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