Ring of Guardians {part 3} Element Controller

Welcome to part 3 of my new Ring of Guardians serie. This part is called Element Controller, and that should give away part of this. I hope you will like it. Please rate and comment afterwards.

Quick recap: You recently were set to an exam given by two wizards, and two Guardians of Peace. Now, you have gone to the Queen, who will tell you what should happen next. Enjoy! :)

Created by: Skydragon
  1. Once the Queen tells you that you've passed, Icefire and Zulada congradulate you. Soon enough, you get your chance to talk to the Queen.
  2. You open the doors of her rooms, after hearing her say, "Come in." and Icefire trots in first. You walk after him, and Zulada comes after you. You see the Queen by the window, discussing something with another wizard.
  3. The Queen is done talking, and the wizard goes out the door. He pushes you a package into your hands as he moves by. You look from the Queen to the package. Tied up in tight rope, many rags of leather are folded around something square. "_____, I expect of you, that you bring that package to Lady Ravina of Gore. That city is not so far from here. If you follow the highest mountains, you'll come acrossed it soon." the Queen says.
  4. When the Queen says nothing more, you bow, and say, "This shall be done for you." When you are about to leave, the Queen seems to remember something. "Oh and _____? Go by Draga once you're done. He lives at the edge of Gore. I'ms ure you'll find him if you ask around." You nod, and close the door.
  5. Not too much later, you are with Zulada and Icefire out on the path to Gore. You are seated upon Zulada's back, and have Icefire behind you; strapped to the saddle. Zulada takes of, and you see the forest drop beneath you. Beyond Zulada's blood run neck, you can see the highest mountains, and you see the trees beneath you rush by, as Zulada begins to pump her wings, and fly that way. Suddenly, you hear the hiss of a flying arrow. Then Zulada roar, and you see an arrow imbedded in her left wing.
  6. "I must land. This is not working!" Zulada speaks, and without warning, she drops down to the ground, and lands with a thud. Whoever shot the arrow, is gone now.
  7. Zulada heaves her wings, but the arrow has torn most of her left wing. You break of the remains, and look with worry at her. "We made the Queen a promise. Let's go on." she says with determination.
  8. You three keep on moving. Icefire walks on foot at your left, and Zulada at your right. You can't see over the trees, nor can Zulada. You assume that following the path will get you to your destination. You hear sounds around you, and before you know it, you're surrounded by fifteen Goblins, who are armed and protected.
  9. "Good, it's safe." you sigh. "I wonder what it is." Icefire thinks out loud. "But I know better than to peek within." he adds quickly. You three move on, and for a little while, nothing happens. You then hear a high pitched screech from over the trees.
  10. From over the trees, three griffins come. But unlike those you're used to, these are pitch black with red eyes. You set a step back. One of the griffins flies at Zulada, the other at Icefire, and the last comes at you.
  11. Whatever attack you tried, seems to be bounced of again by some unseen forcefield. Zulada has kicked the griffin aside, and now stands over it. But before she can end or chase the griffin of, it changes into a small hawk, and flies of into the thick brush, which is a place that Zulada can't reach.
  12. ~Shifters indeed.~ Zulada thinks to do. ~Something isn't right. Normally, this way is only used by us creatures without red eyes or black pelts. Only beings of good usually cross this road.~ she adds, while setting her head up high. She opens her jaws. "Step back, _____, Icefire, unless you want to burn." she warns. Not a second after you step back with Icefire, does she open her jaws, and out comes...
  13. No matter how it happened, but the two other griffins ran of, also first having changed into a smaller creature, and running after their comrade. "Thanks Zulada." Icefire says.
  14. "Icefire, you're wiser than I, and a better storyteller. Please explain to _____ what those were." Zulada says, as you three are moving on again. This time you watch more closely for any more attackers.
  15. "They are not ordinary shifters. They usually change into animals, or one particular elf. It is hard to explain, so if you were one, you could change into what you are now, and any animal you desire." he tries to explain.
  16. Before anyone can say anything more, from the ground rise four ugly looking, greasy, green beings. ~Duel on.~ you hear Zulada's thoughts. Then she flings herself at one, and begins flinging her tail. Icefire is slashing at one before you can act. You are left fighting one also.
  17. Soon enough, these enemies are also slain. You three move on, and the path widesn, but along with that, the high towers of Gore arise in the distance.
  18. You enter the city without rouble, and after asking directions, you find Lady Ravina's building. It is a high tower, that stands as no exception of the rest of the town. You knock on the door, and you wait. Footsteps apprach, and in the doorway appears a beautiful, elven woman: Lady Ravina herself. You curtsy, and hold out the package for her. "From our Queen, my Lady." you speak. Lady Ravina smiles. "Would you like to come in? This package is a sign also. There is something I must tell you, but I can't do so here." she says the last more urgent. You shrug, and enter. The doors are large enough for Zulada herself also. The door closes behind you, and another, greater adventure begins for you.
  19. That's it for part 3: Element Controller. Please rate and comment.

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