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  • Twilight
    "omg i love the host!"
  • Poem
    "i like it too!"
  • Twilight
    "im not gonna virtually beat you up, dont worry. i just like threatening people who upset me with things like this. but seriously i was kiddi..."
  • Randomness
    "i saw a post on another thread that i agreed with. its great that you guys have thiss random thread that you can post on now, and i would re..."
  • Twilight
    "alltimelowluver, im right with you about the movies, but i am sorry if you dont enjoy the books, because i do, and i wont kill, i will make ..."
  • Poetry Contest
    "thanks! its really rare for me to write good poetry though, cuz i have to be thoroughly inspired, which happens a lot when im spending a lot..."
  • Poetry Contest
    "So like the sun without her shine so like a clock without her time. So like the sea without her shore so like a boat wi"
  • Poetry Contest
    "i'm lying here on my bed notebook in one hand, pen in the other. trying to think of a poem or song "
  • Poetry Contest
    "Roses are red, violets are blue. if friends were flowers, i would not pick you. i'd come to your field,"
  • GTQ Guy, HELP!
    "being immature is "
  • GTQ Guy, HELP!
    "im 14, going to be 15 in a couple months. yeah i try to be mature with things like this. i can be very immature when i dont have to be matur..."
  • Poem
    "i've tried, i cant seem to find that many. i've looked online, but a lot of them limit how many lines, and i'm always over."
  • Help me! I'm desperate!
    "i'm not the most popular person, so im worried if i ask out the guy i like, and if he says no, then what he will think of me and then the wh..."
  • Where Do You Wanna Go?
    "Jamaica, Hawaii, Paris, England, etc. I love travelling, but I've only been out of the country once and that was a 12 hour bus ride to Quebe..."
  • "*randomly pops in, because she sensed a partay*"

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