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  • Your Result: Greyhound
    You are a greyhound. That doesn't mean you way all of 6 pounds. It means that you are very athletic and like being active. You're always moving around and full of energy.

    All six pounds LOL... I'm a running/cross country fanatic: 101%! I'm DEFINITELY bookmarking this quiz and showing it to people, it's INCREDIBLE!!!

    PintoStorm Jun 15 '10, 6:35PM
  • What Type of Dog are You Most Like?
    Your Result: Pug

    You are a pug. That doesn't mean that you are all wrinkly. It means that you are lazy and kind of an under-achiever. Yeah, I called you lazy. But I like pugs. They're cute with their little noses.

    ..Actua lly...Pugs are so cute :D I like them. My friend has one :D ...Hehe...And, I AM lazy :D And, a MAJOR under achiever. Well, sometimes. Mainly just lazy, sooo, this suits me, I guess :D

    fredbobgirlygirl Oct 17 '09, 3:43PM
  • Sweeeeeeet, husky. Along with some of my other favs. Nice quiz.

    BandGeek Aug 23 '09, 7:14PM
  • I got a pug -.-

    XxRawRxX Aug 17 '09, 11:57AM
  • Woohoo, I got Golden Retriever! Awesome dog.
    Hi nessie14!!!

    Anastasia Aug 16 '09, 2:48PM
  • Cool quiz!
    I LOVE dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rockstar29 Jan 24 '09, 8:17PM
  • good quiz xD check out my quiz; is there a chance i'd date you (guys only)

    qwertyuioppo Jan 18 '09, 12:57PM
  • Golden Retriever :o nice quiz.

    SparklingFallenAngel Jan 17 '09, 10:26PM
  • Sweet Siberian Husky! =)
    I really like huskies.

    Toni Jan 17 '09, 6:55PM
  • u know what? nevermind. that quiz is really dumb. don't take it.

    nessie14 Jan 17 '09, 5:05PM
  • So close... Almost a husky. Their my favs, along with Golden Retriever {that was what I got} and Border Collies.

    Skydragon Jan 16 '09, 4:23PM
  • uh...a poodle...i'm not stuck up

    kuwana Jan 16 '09, 3:03PM
  • lol!!! this quiz was random i lik random.... awesum quiz... love it!!!!:)(:

    anime rocks Jan 16 '09, 10:47AM
  • AWESOME! I was almost a husky! I LOVE huskies! And I am NOT an underachiever...

    Nallie Jan 15 '09, 8:31PM
  • ha ha german shepard cool they have such great a personality i luv them but my fav dog is an english springer spaniel lol ;)

    hellogirl Jan 15 '09, 8:09PM
  • no, i wasn't the "no. 2 fan" Thank you all so much for taking my quiz! BigLoserGirl-nice poodle impression! I'm a golden retriever.

    nessie14 Jan 15 '09, 6:06PM
  • A PUG NICE!!!I ALWAYS LOVED PUGS!!!hey! check out my quiz @ gotoquiz.com/do_you _like_my_crush...ra te and comment!!!

    Dunno Jan 15 '09, 12:15AM
  • Yes..I'm a golden retriever..my fave dog..nice quiz by the way and I know you're a fellow which-will-fall-for -you fan..were you the no. 2 fan of xxdarkxx?? just curious...

    Misty101 Jan 14 '09, 9:59AM
  • haha, nice quiz, Nessie14. Haha I'm a poodle. *Pretends to be a poodle* "Hey, whats up, people? I'm so trendy and fabulous! LOL! I'm rich and nobody shall take my money! Everybody knows my name cause I'm popular! LOL. I assure that my clothes aren't yours! I'm such a fashion queen and I love shopping with my money! My nickname is Miss Moneybags! LOL." Haha.

    BigLoserGirl Jan 14 '09, 1:04AM
  • lol! love this quiz! poodle lol

    Kuki Jan 13 '09, 7:39PM
  • lol german sheperd! nice quiz ^.^ andthanks for taking my idea nessie14! lol u used a health class question! its the one with the wallet and the $100 and the I.D. lol XD ^.^

    starfire3 Jan 13 '09, 6:56PM
  • gr8 quiz? (but not to offend you,i HATE dogs)

    xxdeadrosexx Jan 13 '09, 5:52PM

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