Pure as Crystal Part 4

You are living with the pack of Klaus, with Chiron, Orion, Zenos, and Aetos. I don't really know what to write so I am just going to say random things that are not relevant in any way to this quiz. I don't really like cheese except for extra sharp cheddar. I love pina colada water ice.

There was just a fight, and you have a few questions that you want answered. Now is your chance to find some answers! See what happens next in this story with Zenos, Aetos, Orion, Chiron! I don't know what else to write about. Pina colada tastes good.

Created by: nessie14
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  1. It's night time and almost all of the wolves are sleeping. You can't seem to sink into the calming abyss, even though you are so tired from the fight earlier. Chiron is snoring lightly in the corner, and the crickets are quite loud with their chirping.
  2. You get up and decide to find Orion. You have questions that you want answered and Orion is probably your best bet for getting them answered. You walk for a couple of minutes in the dark, and see some light fur with your new night vision. Thinking it might be Orion, you walk towards him. You give him a little poke with your paw and he turns around. Except it's not him. It's Nova, the energetic, excited pup. "Hey _______! How's it going? I heard you were in the fight! Was it scary? Did you kill anyone? Did you die? Where exactly did you come from? How do you know Chiron so well? Are you tired? I'm not tired. Do you wanna play tag? Do you wanna be BFFs?"
  3. "Uh, sure," you say. "How about tomorrow, because I was just about to go to sleep. OK?" Nova puts her head down, and her tail slows from a million miles a minute to zero. "OK. I'll wake you up extra early so we can play before everyone else gets up! And we can play hide-and-go-seek, and we can have races, and jumping contests, and go swimming, and--" but that's all you hear because you run away to continue your search for Orion.
  4. After a couple more minutes, you find Orion sitting next to Klaus and talking to him. They don't notice you, and they seem to be discussing something important. They're whispering, so you can't hear much of what they are saying. You catch a few words:
  5. "Ahem," you clear you throat. Klaus and Orion turn around, startled. Orion speaks up, "Oh, ________, I didn't know you were there. Uh, did you need something?" "Well, if you were busy, then it can wait until later," you say. Orion gives Klaus a look, and says, "We'll discuss this later." Klaus leaves, and Orion motions for you to sit down next to him. You sit down and he says, "So, ________, I believe you have a few questions? Fire away."
  6. (assuming you chose the first one) "Well, we're not regular wolves. This may seem strange and confusing to you, but you have a right to know. We are souls. We take the images of animals, such as a wolf. Once you take an animal's image, you can't change into something else. Except if you have a tool like the Pure Crystal. Then you can change your image. Souls are not like people, one because of our teal blood. Our senses are much keener than the animal we look like has. Once a soul has lived out the life of that animal, they die. Now, I suppose you are wondering if you are a soul? If you were, then yes, you are a soul. Once one has become a soul, there is no going back to a regular being. When the Pure Crystal was used to make you a wolf, it made you a soul."
  7. (assuming you chose the first one) Yes, Melaytha is a soul. But she isn't like us. There are two main different types of souls. There is an "Arri," (plural: arris) which is what you and I are, and there is a "Skota," (plural: skotas) which is what Melaytha is. Skotas are what you could call "evil." We try to keep peace and make sure that Skotas don't go out and....do bad things."
  8. (assuming you chose the first one) "Melaytha's pack of Skotas have the Pure Crystal too. They are actually two halves of the whole crystal, and before it was broken into two pieces, it was much more powerful. I don't know what all powers it had or could give you. Anyway, Melaytha uses her half of the Pure Crystal to give members of her pack different forms, mostly humans. Chiron had to take the form of a human to make sure that they didn't....do any bad things."
  9. (assuming you chose the first one...again) "I didn't really want to tell you, but...you do have the right to know. All skotas are evil and wreak havoc and all that, but they usually have an "evil plot." Melaytha's pack in particular, well..." "What?" you ask. "She wants to wipe out the human race."
  10. Sorry guys, that's all! Come back for Part 5! Plese rate and comment!

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