Pure as Crystal Part 3

You are in the woods with Chiron, Orion, Zenos, and Aetos. They each have fallen for you, and you are about to start an adventure! Something very exciting is about to happen, so be prepared! PLEASE COME BACK FOR PART 4!!!

You have just learned the main wolves' names. Chiron-Chris, sweet, loving, Medium brown fur. Zenos-shy, stranger, Black fur. Aetos-strong, protective, Golden brown fur. Orion-smart, strategic, Tan fur. Klaus-leader, Gray fur. Ebony-tomboy, fighter, Klaus's daughter, Dark brown fur. Nova-energetic, excited, White fur. Something VERY exciting is going to happen! It's going to be SO cool! PLEASE COME BACK FOR PART 4!!!

Created by: nessie14

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  1. You hear a strange howling in the distance. Then a whole bunch of howling starts, and they get louder and louder. "Oh, no! Not now!" yells Chiron. "________, follow me!"
  2. Chiron runs over to a tree lying on the ground. He looks anxiously back at you, and urgency clouds his eyes. "Come on!" he yells. You hurry towards him and he leads you around the tree, where you can see it has been hollowed out and there are five nests in it, two of them occupied by a couple of very round female wolves with about 3 pups huddled underneath each of their bellies.
  3. "_________, I want you to go to the end and stay hidden back there. And don't come out until I come to get you. Understand?"
  4. "Just stay!" Chiron turns and runs toward where a group of about 9 or 10 wolves are, with Klaus and Ebony at the front. You look back at the nursing wolves in the hollowed out tree and see that they are asleep. You creep out of the tree and run behind some bushes. You hear some more howling in the distance, but this time it sounds different than what you heard before. You peek out of the bushes to see a small group of black wolves. There are about five of them, and then two more groups of five black wolves each come out of the dense bushes on either side of the group that Chiron, Klaus, and Ebony are in.
  5. A black wolf with a gray muzzle and chest speaks. "So, Klaus. You look like you're a little outnumbered this time. Are you gonna run away like last time?" Her voice sounded like the coldest, most violent sneer you have ever heard.
  6. Klaus snarled. "Shut up, Melaytha. What happened last time is in the past. It's time to deal with the matter at hand. And--" "You led them to us!" Ebony jumps at Zenos, growling at him. "You're one of them! And here we are feeding you and sheltering you like one of our own! This is all your fault, Klaus, for letting this stranger into our pack!" Zenos backs up, with his head down and his tail between his legs. Orion steps foward to confront Ebony. "You don't know that he came from Melaytha's pack. You can't accuse him of anything."
  7. Melaytha laughs, "Now why would I have a timid little runt like him in my pack? You can drop that matter, because I wouldn't have someone like him in my pack. He is a disgrace! All cowardly like that, probably wouldn't even be able to stand up to a pup!"
  8. The other wolves that came with Melaytha are starting to look anxious. Melaytha notices and says, "Well, we've had a nice friendly chat, but now it's time to get to business." Melaytha lets out a war howl, and black wolves leap at your small group from all directions, saliva flinging off their tongues with excitement. Immediately Ebony jumps on Melaytha, reaching for her neck. Melaytha uses one paw to swiftly brush Ebony to the ground, knocking the wind out of her. Then, Chiron rushes to Ebony's side and helps her up while Melaytha is busy hunting for another wolf to attack. To the side you see Zenos backing up away from the cluster of fighting wolves. Orion is taking on two black wolves and seems to be doing a pretty good job, but Klaus looks like he's in trouble. He's trying to ward off 3 enemies at once, and doesn't seem to be doing so well.
  9. You run to help Klaus, but before you get there, a black wolf jumps in your way and snarls. He leaps foward, and his paws push you back so you fall onto your back. You roll over and dive at his side, your claws ready for action. You manage to scratch his flank a little, but it doesn't draw blood. The wolf turns around and claws at your left ear, making a tear about an inch (3cm)long. You swallow the pain and lunge at him again, this time aiming for the throat. You get your jaws around the side of his neck, but he uses his back leg to scratch your hip. You let go and he runs away into the woods.
  10. You notice Klaus's light grey fur among the black, and rush to help him. He is only fighting with one wolf now, but the wolf is almost twice as big as Klaus. You see Klaus's tail hanging limp and coated with a deep teal color. You creep around the larger black wolf so he doesn't see you, and jump on his back. Scratching with your hind legs, you claw open the skin on his back near the tail, and a teal liquid comes out.
  11. He rears up and flings you off his back, and then runs away. Klaus gives you a grateful glance, and then goes to help Ebony with the 3 black wolves she's fending off. You look around and see Zenos taking on someone, but not doing too well. You go to help him and bite down hard on his opponent's tail. She gives out a wimper and turns around to face you. She lunges at you and pins you to the ground. She reaches for your neck, but you scratch her belly, holding her off.
  12. Suddenly you are free, and you see that Zenos had dived into the side of the attacking wolf and knocked her off of you. Then a loud howl rings through your ears, and all the black wolves (besides Zenos) jump away from their opponent and run into the forest, the same direction that the one you scared off went. "This isn't the end, Klaus!" Melaytha yells through the trees. After a few seconds, all is quiet. Chiron and Orion come running to you and stand beside Zenos, who is already next to you. Chiron steps foward. "Are you OK? Are you hurt? What were you thinking?!?! I told you not to leave the nursery!" You say, "I'm not hurt, I'm fine. And I helped you guys. I think you should look at Klaus. His tail seems to be hurt." Orion takes off for Klaus, and Zenos turns to you. "Hey, thanks for that, um, help. I guess I'm not much of a, uh, fighter." "Don't mention it. Thank YOU for getting that wolf off my chest. I was scared to death!" "Oh, um, well, your welcome."
  13. Orion comes back, and says, "Ebony is taking care of him. He looks like he should be fine. __________! You're hurt!" Chiron gasps, "You said you weren't hurt! Let's get you to a stream to get that cleaned up." Just then Aetos runs up. "Sorry guys, I heard there was a fight. Can't believe I missed it! I was busy hunting. Aw, ________! Your ear is torn! Who did this to you? I'll tear them to pieces!" "Guys, let her get some rest. She'll be fine. Won't you, ________?" Orion says.
  14. Sorry, that's all this time! Hoped you liked the action!

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