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  • Beautiful beautiful. I love the atmosphere GTQ has. So many chocolatey sugary quizzes dedicated to beautiful souls and to people who most deserve them. I don't know you at all from experience but you are earth's angel to people here, from what I've heard :3 I respect you for dealing so well with hate quizzes, even though you may not exactly dealt well but you slapped a smile on your face, decked out in your shades, chucked your hair in a bun and showed those haters just how dazzling you are. I better stop before I make a fool out of myself.

  • Yuss. Aria needs to recognize that she's beautiful inside and out! This was such a nice, sweet thing to read, and it makes me happy that in this time when GTQ feels like it's changing, it still has these kinds of quizzes x3 I... am having a brain block ._. but anyway xD love ya, Aria, you ARE appreciated ^^

    P.S. tsk, Zane, don't say that >=[ there's no comparisons going on

  • This is such a sweet quiz.
    Mine looks like trash compared to it.

    Zane Is Here

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