To Aria, HogwartsLove and everyone who is down today.

To Aria, HogwartsLove and everyone else who is down! This is for you. Please pardon the options, I've snapped because I have a lot of homework but I can't tolerate seeing everyone down like this!

You're you. No one or an amount of words can change that, if you like who you are, that's great! If you don't, learn to, because staying true to yourself rather than become someone or something your not may hurt you in the end. Smile.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Hey guys, so first off, my name is natuhleegayle! You all may know me, if you don't well this is a tad bit awkward. Today, may be one of the most upsetting days I ever experienced on gotoquiz.
  2. Why? Because a lot of you are insecure and depressed! I'm singling you all out but this is for everyone too in general!
  3. First, to the lovely sweet and genuine Aria. Words can't even form how I feel. I remember you were that eager, hyper-active girl who had a massive crush on Oliver who always had a smile on her face! From day one, day one! You were always there and supportive of me and everyone else!
  4. I remember seeing TRB's quiz comments as well as HogwartsLove's sharing your honest words about how their quizzes make you feel! It was beautiful! I even had a smile on my face and it wasn't even directed to me! It just goes to show how easily you can bring a smile on someone's face and make them feel good!
  5. You're sweet! I remember reading not that long ago, you were going to send TBR's work to J.K Rowling! That takes love and dedication and for me, I'm in admiration of you! However, lately you've been down and saying that you can't accept and that I deserve quizzes like the ones you've been receiving. Let me break it down for you, I don't deserve them! You deserve them, every sentence, phrase, word and letter! They're all true! I know that I already talked to you about this but I want to put a smile on your face because I'm that type of person.
  6. I have quizzes, sure. Woopdeedoo! But the kindness you radiate is like me getting a 100 in math and sweetie, the chance of that is rare. Don't let the smallest negative comments get to you because here, with your family, they don't mean a thing. You're doing what you do out of your own will and we appreciate your genuine self! I'm not very good at this, because I tend to be a bit awkward which I'm very envious about you! But bottom line is, don't let words for haters faze you; be happy they're using their precious time focused on you
  7. Now for, HogwartsLove. Yeah, you! Okay, how do I being to describe thee? You're the apple to my pie, the iris of my eye, the sun in my sky. Shoot. Okay, I read your quiz and I already commented but girl, I need to get the message out here! YOU'RE AN AMAZINGLY TALENTED WRITER WHO'S WORK DESERVES A RED CARPET PREMIER, AN INTERNATIONAL BOOK TOUR, THE OPPORTUNITY TO CAST AMAZINGLY ATTRACTIVE CELEBRITIES!
  8. I don't know how you came up with the idea that your work isn't good or whatever you claimed it to be! Your work is amazing and I know that you told me that I was the reason you started writing but I think you're one of the reasons I still keep writing. Your writing is flawless, your character depictions are spot on, it's realistic, it's emotional, it's captivating. I don't know why you don't have a premier right now...
  9. I made tons of mistakes and I really have no idea where I'm going with my story right now, to be honest. You on the other hand, you knew exactly what you wanted to help your vivid imagination come to life! You sped up because, hey, the older they are, the more action they get. (I'm sorry those who are under the age of 13.)
  10. Your work as well as others should be on the homepage, today's top movers and in the Top 100! I don't know why my work is there, I'm not being modest or whatever. I'm just stating my opinion! And don't forget, you've inspired a lot of readers to come out and debut their ideas to the world! You've inspired them, more than I could! You just started your journey, don't stop because of this block in the road! Persevere and continue with a smile on your face!
  11. If you quit, I'm pushing you right back up! If you're stubborn like me, then I'll probably give in and quit with you. No reader wants to see their favorite author plummet down from where they say! You're not alone, you have all of us here, to help you out! I'm sure many people here would take their time to help you out because they're your biggest fan! I'm here. :)
  12. Now, for all the people who are feeling down. I may not know who you are or the reason why but I know that life is too short to dwell on all that's wrong! I'll give you the moment to feel down for a reasonable amount of time, but if the reason is small and goes on for a decade. We need to talk
  13. If any of you out there are insecure about yourselves, I'm about to go all One Direction on you. You don't know you're beautiful, alright? Who told you that you're not? A magazine? Sweetie, they're airbrush and on a water only diet! You're perfect the way you are!
  14. If you picked that Hannah Montana option; well, yeah. They say that nobody's perfect but I say that saying's dumb because even with all your imperfections, you're as perfect as they come! True story!
  15. And if anyone called you weird or whatever, so what? You're living your life. Last time, I check, no one is ever normal. We all have flaws but that's just makes us who we are and if who you are makes you happy; I don't see why you're sad and cowering over people's words! Or worst, hiding your real self! Just be true to who you are!
  16. If any of you feel down or upset, I'm here to help. Hey, you don't want to tell me your problems personally but you can email me or go to my blog and anonymously state your problem! I'm here to help and bring a smile to your face. No one should feel down, if you should feel down, it's because you have a pile of homework you're just starting now and the deadline is tomorrow!
  17. Today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life, carry a smile with you. Smile at someone to brighten their day but don't do it in a creepy-stalker way...Haha! A smile goes a long way, you probably know that or you don't. Start now. Hey, you beautiful girl or handsome guy, smile.

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